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If you go to bed late or wake up early, KZSC has good musical news. Our newest Spring Program Schedule has 9 new programs; everything from hip-hop to surf rock & ska. And if you have a clock radio (remember those?) set for 6 AM, you’ll be happy to know your old Monday-Friday faves are still tucked in, along with a new Celtic show Saturdays. End or start your day the musical way with The Great 88.


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Are your sales in a slump? It’s a busy time with Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings and the start of tourist season coming. If you’d like some help turning your lemons into lemonade gold, consider becoming a Business Sponsor on KZSC. It’s true: having your message on The Great 88 can squeeze more people into your store. For more information, call us at 831-459-4733 or check our Sponsors Page.

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 The latest entry in our Instagram contest. Post your favorite UCSC campus photo; tag with @kzsc and #kzsceden for a chance to win a pair of tickets to UCSC's first Edge Of Eden outdoor music festival Saturday, May 10th! #kzsc #kzsceden #dillonfrancis
 A look at KZSC's spring program schedule. #kzsc #spring #programschedule


David Grisman May 5th

At a Bill Monroe bluegrass show in 1964, David Grisman met Jerry Garcia. Fast forward almost ten years and they hook up again as “Old & In The Way”, a bluegrass super group worshiped by Dead heads. David and Jerry continued to collaborate over the years,however “Dawg’s” (Grisman’s nickname, given to him by Garcia) interests […]