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Programmer of the Month: Brandon Oleksy (BrandX)

March’s programmer of the month is KZSC’s very own New Media Director, Brandon Oleksy. Brandon is a sophomore originally from San Marcos, studying computer game design, although his passion lies in photography. As “BrandX,” Brandon hosts “Teenage Kicks” every Sunday 10pm-12am, and occasionally appears on “Morrissey Boulevard,” Mondays 9am-noon–if he’s up that early.

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Fonzie Interviews IamSu!

Fonzie caught up with IamSu! to discuss his upcoming shows at the Catalyst, his newest mixtape Eyes on Me, and new music he’s been listening to. IamSu! will be performing at the Catalyst with Rome Fortune, Dave Steezy, and Show Banga on April 3 and 4. Make sure to buy your tickets soon! You can catch Fonzie on the Fonzie Scheme […]


KZSC Show Reviews: A Place to Bury Strangers

At the beginning of every quarter at UCSC, I always create a list. On this list are all the shows that are coming up during that quarter that I know I just have to see. On March 13th as I took the overcrowded 16 bus down from Crown College to the forsaken depths of the Santa Cruz Metro Center and crossed the streets to the Catalyst, there was one last concert I had to cross of my list. It was a concert to perfectly wrap up the Winter quarter at UCSC. That concert was A Place to Bury Strangers.