Loud Rock Charts: 9/4

I just moved in to my new dorm yesterday here at UCSC. I’m living all by lonesome, and since I’ve moved in early the entire building is empty. That on top of the fact that I’ve been playing Slender and watching Marble Hornets recently isn’t doing any good to my sanity. At least I now know what it is like to have a grown man scream in my ear. Yay?


1 FOR SLEEPING OR JUMPING Dead Languages [EP] Self-Released
2 EX DEO  Caligvla Napalm
3 TRACER Spaces In Between Mascot
4 TARJA Act 1 Eagle Rock
5 DARKNESS Hot Cakes Wind-Up



1 FACELESS Autotheism Sumerian
2 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers Eleven Seven
3 KATATONIA Dead End Kings Peaceville
4 DUBLIN DEATH PATROL Death Sentence Mascot
5 TESTAMENT Dark Roots Of Earth Nuclear Blast
6 GYPSYHAWK Revelry And Resilience Metal Blade
8 ATTIKA 7 Blood Of My Enemies Rocket Science
9 FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS Wasted Youth Artery
10 LOUDNESS Eve To Dawn FrostByte



YelaWolf at the Catalyst

Coming across YelaWolf was a complete coincidence. I like rap as much as the next Justin Bieber tween-fan  but I don’t proactively go out of my way to search for up and coming artists, I usually just stick to the classics. While at a bowling alley, yes bowling alley, a music video featuring a disheveled looking man came up on the big screen. I was so interested in this man that I lost the game (but also because I am really bad at bowling) and had to leave as the sore loser of the group. I came home and was quick to google everything I could about him, I came across his tour schedule and realized that there would be a chance that we could meet at a concert, lock eyes and fall in love or whatever. If you’re as interested in YelaWolf as I am, you would definitely not want to miss him in concert on October 12th at the Catalyst. Why am I letting you know so far in advance you say? This tour is sure to sell out and with a venue as intimate as the Catalyst, it’s going to be impossible to get tickets – I’m still crying about Odd Future. If you can trust my choice in rap music make sure to get your tickets soon. If you don’t trust my taste, listen to this song below and that might change your mind.