Garden City Movement

RPM Charts – Mid-September

Top 10:

1. RUSTIE – Green Language / Warp
2. JIM-E STACK – Tell Me I Belong / Innovative Leisure
3. FALTYDL – In The Wild / Ninja Tune
4. MNDSGN – Yawn Zen / Stones Throw
5. BASEMENT JAXX – Junto / Pias-Atlantic Jaxx
6. SAINT PEPSI – Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder [Single] / Carpark
7. THE BUG – Angels And Devils / Ninja Tune
8. VARIOUS ARTISTS – Hyperdub 10.2 / Hyperdub
9. MOIRE – Shelter / Ninja Tune
10. MARCUTIO – Redline / Young Heavy Souls

Top 5 Adds:

1. GARDEN CITY MOVEMENT – Entertainment/Bengali Cinema / BLDG5
2. 2 BEARS – “Not This Time B/w Get Out And Angel (Touch Me)” [Single] / Southern Fried
3. KODAK TO GRAPH – “IAMANTHEM” [Single] / Self-Released
4. KASPER BJORKE – After Forever / HFN
5. KWES – Ilpix [EP] / Warp

We had a couple of excellent adds this week with Garden City Movement (a wonderful trio from Tel Aviv) and 2 Bears (of Hot Chip fame); have a listen below.


Charts and Adds: Second Week of September

Summer may be ending, but things are really heating up with in terms of Jazz in the area. The  57th annual Monterey Jazz Festival has come to to town as well as some great sounds to KZSC. The charts remain dominated by Concord and Bluenote favorites, but some new artists from the international stage are rightly making their presence known on the airwaves and in the station. Most notably, young vocalist Malika Tirolien and Mexican pianist Alex Mercado (and his quintet). Canadian based artist, Malika Tirolien is increasingly getting critics attention with her smooth blend of R&B and Afro-Carribean infused jazz, which adds to a fresh new sound to jazz. Mexico City may not be known for jazz, but has given birth to one special pianist that makes us take a second look south for what’s new in jazz. Classically trained Mexican Pianist, Alex Mercado debuts his masterful skills on his album Symbiosis, which is steep in melodic improvisations and virtuosity. If the summer has taught me anything, it’s that it has surely set the stage for the upcoming school year for jazz.

Malika Tirolien



1    BAD PLUS    Inevitable Western    SPEAKEASY
2    MALIKA TIROLIEN    Sur La Voie Ensoleillee
3    BOSSACUCANOVA    Our Kind Of Bossa    Six Degrees
4    JOSE JAMES    While You Were Sleeping    Blue Note
5    JOSHUA REDMAN    Trios Live    Nonesuch
6    BRIAN BLADE AND THE FELLOWSHIP BAND    Landmarks    Blue Note
7    YELENA ECKEMOFF QUINTET    A Touch Of Radiance    L and H
8    MELISSA ALDANA AND CRASH TRIO    Melissa Aldana And Crash Trio    Concord
9    LISA HILTON    Kaleidoscope    Self-Released
10    DR. JOHN    Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit Of Satch    Concord


1    YELENA ECKEMOFF QUINTET    A Touch Of Radiance    L and H
2    AFRO BOP ALLIANCE    Angel Eyes    Zoho
3    ALEX MERCADO TRIO    Symbiosis    Fornarte Latino
4    BOBBY BROOM    My Shining Hour    Origin
5    MOON HOOCH    This Is Cave Music    Palmetto-Hornblow

Rose Lobel at KZSC (Photo by Dan Davis)

Rose’s “Most Impossible Secret Dream” wrapping up after 29 years

September. The sunny season is winding down, and fall is approaching. Many proud gardeners and groundskeepers find themselves bidding farewell to blooming flowers, and preparing for seasonal change. We here at KZSC are also bracing for change. Come October, we will be saying “farewell” to the amazing programmer Rose Lobel.

Rose deejays “What’s New“, which airs Thursdays at noon. Her program showcases the recently released music of up-and-coming artists from a multitude of genres. An earful of Rose’s “What’s New” proves that great music is alive, kicking, and here to stay.

“I have done several shows that were a single genre,” she said. “But I began doing “What’s New” because I was fascinated by all the different stuff that was on the “New Releases” shelf and I couldn’t control my desire to find out what was there.”

When Rose was a baby, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, an injury to her brain that has come to affect her mobility and voice.

“The doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t ever walk,” she said. “But my mother didn’t believe them and I remember being about three and dancing with my mother to a pop song on the radio.”

From a young age, music has held monumental importance in Rose’s life.

“I must have been about eleven years old the first time I heard Brazilian music,” Rose said. “It was in the Walt Disney cartoon with the three birds traveling through South America (Three Caballeros, 1944). They were on a train going through the jungle and the song was “Bahia.” I have loved the Bosa Nova ever since. Sixty years later, I can still picture that train and I hear the song in my head as clearly as the first time. It blew my mind.”

In 1985, Rose met “Sleepy John” Sandidge while she was interning at a local recording studio. John invited her to KZSC to observe one of his live programs. By the end of the show, she found herself engaging in live radio conversation. To Rose’s surprise, she had just nailed a job interview: John and Rose started a program called “A Rose and a Thorn” that aired every Friday for two years.

Rose’s vocal disability meant that her listeners had to pay very close attention to her announcements (and her razor-sharp sense of humor). This has caused some controversy, but she never let the occasional critic stop her from bringing great music to her audience. And so she did.

“Being voice disabled made being on the radio the “Most Impossible” secret dream I could have,” she said. “But I was so enthralled by the music, and by bringing it to our audience, that they couldn’t shake me loose. As far as I know, I have been the only voice-disabled radio programmer in the world for the last twenty-eight years.”

“It has been the biggest adventure ever,” she said. “I am honored and grateful that people have chosen to travel this path with me. I would like to thank John Sandidge, and all of the KZSC staff and management but most importantly, the many, many listeners who have supported me for almost three decades.”

Rose Lobel will be giving up her spot on KZSC this October. She says, “Not because I am tired of radio -THAT could never happen.” Rose was recently diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, which can unpredictably flare up, putting her on the sidelines.

In the future, listen for her to occasionally do guest spots and to fill-in for deejays at KZSC. Meanwhile, Rose’s poetry, collage art, and fiction (as  K. R. Lobel) will keep her in the public eye. She recently launched a blog ( featuring her second novel, “Jerkwater: The Town, The Story.”

Thank you, Rose. You are one of the most down-to-earth and inspirational people to have ever graced our organization. On behalf of everyone here at KZSC, thank you for twenty-nine years of entertainment and inspiration.



Rock Charts – Second Week of Sept.

This week three SUB POP releases made it into our top 10 at numbers 2, 8, and 10 and we gave Death From Above 1979’s first album in 10 years a top add.

Top 10:

url-11. ALLAH-LAS – Worship The Sun
2. SHABAZZ PALACES – Lese Majesty
3. BEAR IN HEAVEN – Time Is Over One Day Old
4. ALVVAYS – Alvvays
5. WHITE FENCE –  For The Recently Found Innocent
6. SPOON – They Want My Soul
7. SPIDER BAGS – Frozen Letter
8. J MASCIS – Tied To A Star
9. WAND – Ganglion Reef
10. AVI BUFFALO – At Best Cuckold



Top 5 Adds:

images1. DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 – The Physical World
2. DUNE RATS – Smile
3. INTERPOL – El Pintor
4. CONCORD AMERICA – Suns Out Guns Out
5. NICK MONACO – Mating Call






Here’s a track from the new Allah Las album, Worship the Sun.


RPM Charts – 2nd Week In September

Top 10:

1. RUSTIE – Green Language / Warp
2. JIM-E STACK – Tell Me I Belong / Innovative Leisure
3. LONE – Reality Testing / R&S
4. FALTYDL – In The Wild / Ninja Tune
5. MARTYN – The Air Between Words / Ninja Tune
6. MNDSGN – Yawn Zen / Stones Throw
7. CHROMEO – White Women / Atlantic
8. PORTER ROBINSON – Worlds / Astralwerks
9. BASEMENT JAXX – Junto / Pias-Atlantic Jaxx
10. MARCUTIO – Redline / Young Heavy Souls

Top 5 Adds:

1. ODESZA – In Return / Counter
2. NICK MONACO – Mating Call / Soul Clap
3. TRICKY – Adrian Thaws / !K7-False Idols
4. FLYING LOTUS – “Never Catch Me” [Single] / Warp
5. LES SINS – “Bother” [Single] / Carpark

We have some new tunes for your discerning ears this week! Here is a cut from producer MNDSGN’s new album Yawn Zen:

And below is a new track from Les Sins, Chaz Bundick’s (of Toro y Moi fame) dancefloor-oriented solo project:


Rock Charts – 1st Week of September!

This week everyone got really excited about the new Allah-Las record and Ty Segall’s new album shot up to #4.

Top 10 Adds:

url-11. ALLAH-LAS – Worship The Sun
2. TOTAL CONTROL – Typical System
3. WHITE FENCE – For The Recently Found Innocent
4. TY SEGALL – Manipulator
5. DR. JOHN – Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit Of Satch
6. SHABAZZ PALACES –  Lese Majesty
7. NAOMI PUNK – Television Man
8. SPOON – They Want My Soul
9. ZIG ZAGS – Zig Zags
10. J MASCIS – Tied To A Star


Top 5 Adds:

Print1. AVI BUFFALO  – At Best Cuckold
2. WAND – Ganglion Reef
4. PRAWN – Kingfisher
5. TENNIS – Ritual In Repeat





I really love the new J Mascis solo record. Here’s a great song off of it called Every Morning: