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Wondering what our staff does when we’re not DJing your favorite tunes? Take a peek during 2014 with our stream of pictures and videos on Instagram. Don’t have an Instagram account? Fear not.  View all our Instagram pictures by clicking on the little camera icon or clicking right here

Keeping Tabs on Ty Segall

2013 has already been an extremely exciting year for fans of the Bay-Area rock god Ty Segall. Not only have we been given the Sabbath-inspired powerhouse trio that is FUZZ, but we have also been gifted with a brand new solo album that shines the spotlight on a whole new Ty that we haven’t seen […]

Passing the Torch

Every year for KZSC comes the bittersweet moment of our old governing board stepping down and being replaced by their mentees. Tonight is night that this transition completes. Know that regardless of this transition KZSC is and will always be committed to community radio and giving you, the audience, the best possible experience we can. For the most part […]