Feb 26 Special: Anita Hill

KZSC has a special, live broadcast on Thursday, February 26th, at 6 pm.

Anita Hill will be speaking about those who resist civil rights, campus sexual assault debates, and why black lives matter. Ms. Hill is the author of Reimagining Equality: Stories of Gender, Race, and Finding a Home. Her talk at UCSC is entitled “Speaking Truth to Power: Gender and Racial Equality 1991 to 2015.

KZSC’s live broadcast will originate from the talk, held in UCSC’s College 9 and 10 Multi Purpose Room. The free talk begins at 6 pm on Thursday February 26th. Right here on KZSC, Santa Cruz.

Chuck Brodsky

Chuck Brodsky Live on “Backroads” Sun, Feb 1st

Chuck Brodsky, folk singer-songwriter, storyteller and troubadour, will be stopping in for a live interview on KZSC’s Backroads show this coming Sunday afternoon (2/1/15), prior to his Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Barrel Room concert at 7pm that evening. Chuck has traveled the world, sharing his guitar playing and songs over the past 20 years at many festivals, and has released 10 critically acclaimed albums. He is also a big baseball fan, having produced two albums of songs reflecting his love of the game and his thoughts on baseball history and culture. Tune in to KZSC every Sunday afternoon between noon and 2pm to hear a broad array of folk and acoustic country music.

Prof. Angela Y Davis

Jan 28 Special: Prof. Angela Davis

KZSC has a special live broadcast on Wednesday, January 28th, at 7 pm.

Professor Angela Davis will be speaking on “Racism, Militarism, and Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine.” It’s the 31st Annual UC Santa Cruz Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Convocation, with a performance by singer and songwriter, AlexisRose.

Through her activism and scholarship over many decades, Angela Davis has been deeply involved in our nation’s quest for social justice. Her work as an educator and activist has always emphasized the importance of building communities of struggle that fight for economic, racial, and gender equality.

This live broadcast of Angela Davis—speaking at UCSC’s Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Convocation—begins at 7 pm on Wednesday January 28th. Right here on KZSC, Santa Cruz – 88.1 FM in the Monterey Bay area and streaming online at kzsc.org.

Burnt Palms backstage

You Oughta Know: Burnt Palms

Burnt Palms is a bay-area surf punk trio hailing from the bay are and they are an artist that you oughta know. Their combination of the classic distorted guitars, fast drums, and perfect female lead vocals make for some of the best surf rock in the underground music scene in Northern California. They currently have two albums out and they both feature their fantastic musical blend with well-written lyrics about daily life and relationships. They currently have two shows coming up in Santa Cruz in January. One of their shows will be at the Crepe Place on the 21st and at Subrosa on the 24th. Check out their latest album, The Girl You Knew, on their bandcamp page and keep an eye out for their third album to be released later this year.

Ghouls on a log

Cool Ghouls at the Catalyst Atrium

Wednesday January 14th San Francisco’s jangly rockers the Cool Ghouls will be bringing their vintage psychedelic sounds to the Catalyst Atrium. Fresh off the release of their Sonny Smith produced sophomore album “A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye,” the ghouls are carrying the torch for the once thriving SF scene. Cool Ghouls will be joined by the organ driven psychters Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel and Fine Points, which features members of the acclaimed Santa Cruz act Sleepy Sun. Be sure to catch these staff favorites Wednesday night in the Atrium.
Cool Ghouls – The Mile:
Thank You Based God

Concert review: Lil B at the Catalyst Atrium

To further put off studying for finals last friday, I attended one of Bay Area rapper Lil B The BasedGod’’s #veryrare concerts at The Catalyst. Well known in the Bay for his work in rap group The Pack (who opened for him), Lil B has reached a distinguished status in the rap game through his extensive online social media presence as well as his prolific free mixtape collection available on the web. Best known for his self invented musical subgenre basedmusic, Lil B continues to expand and innovate within the hiphop genre with his stream of consciousness lyrics and eccentric selection of beats.

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