Record Review: Glass Boys

Listen with caution! One listen through of this album may leave you couch-locked as a result of your mind being fully blown. Fucked Up’s latest Matador release, Glass Boys, is nothing short of a juggernaut of an album. The band’s first full length LP since 2011’s David Comes to Life, Glass Boys shows just how far Fucked Up has come in terms of musical mastery. It’s melodic, yet ear piercing; polished rock, yet still hardcore. Like many of their previous releases the album starts off soft and gentle, only to unexpectedly lurch into a furious punk rock maelstrom. Track one (Echo Boomer) begins with 27 seconds of new age wind chimes, leaving one with a deep feeling of wonder as to what the hell is about to happen next. A bass drum pounding bars later, a wall of wailing guitars appears wildly to pimp-slap your expectations across the face. With the familiar screaming of Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham, the album begins in earnest, combining the pure, unfiltered rage of their earlier work with some (but not TOO many) of the softer, “prettier” tendencies of their last two albums. Fucked Up channel the latest installment of their trademark melodic hardcore in a manner we have both come to expect and admire. Pink Eyes’ vocals sound like he may just be poised to kill you, a feeling strongly backed up by high-pitched wailing guitars, pounding drums, vocal harmonies, and overall furious musical intensity. An extremely polished piece of work, Glass Boys is truly a gem, as evidenced by such epic tracks as “Sun Glass” and “Paper the House”. Despite having achieved huge success within the mainstream, Fucked Up use this album to prove that they are no less furiously awesome than they have always been. Released June 2nd, Glass Boys is sure to blast some young, impressionable ear drums in the near future.


Newest World Releases

Time for fresh World Music on your multicultural plate! Still lovin’ that twisty new bossa nova from Thievery Corporation and desert rock from Tinariwen. Add La Misa Negra to the list! An old school style Cumbria group from Oakland with a kick. As hard as it is to stop playing these three on repeat mode, here are some other worthy new World Music releases:

  1. SEUN KUTI AND EGYPT 80 A Long Way To The Beginning
  3. CAETANO VELOSO Abracaco [Nonesuch]
  5. HAFEZ NAZERI Rumi Symphony Project Untold
  6. FAREED HAQUE Trance Hypothesis
  7. RODRIGO Y GABRIELA 9 Dead Alive
  8. JEFFERSON ROSE BAND Feel Like Dancing
  9. YOLANDA DUKE Te Llevo Bajo La Piel

And just in time for Father’s Day, check out the new album from father-and-son collaboration, Toumani & Sidiki Diabate


RPM Charts, Last Week in May

Top 10:

1. TEEBS – Estara / Brainfeeder
2. CHROME SPARKS – Goddess / Future Classic
3. HETEROTIC – Weird Drift / Planet Mu
4. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
5. TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
6. TOURIST – Patterns / Monday
7. JACQUES GREENE – Phantom Vibrate [EP] / LuckyMe
8. BADBADNOTGOOD – III / Innovative Leisure
9. DOSS – Doss [EP] / Acephale
10. ILLUM SPHERE – Spectre Vex / Ninja Tune

Top 5 Adds:

1. RESISTOR – First World Problems / Self-Released
2. SLEEP – Oregon Failure / Strange Famous
3. SHAPESHIFTER – Remix [EP] / TrueTone
4. POPSTRANGERS – Fortuna / Carpark
5. FUTURE DEATH – Future Death / Bloodmoss


Rock Charts – Last Week of May

It may have been a three day weekend but the charts never stop! This week we played Thee Oh Sees endlessly and Perfect Pussy had a huge bump in air-play. I think it’s cause our DJ’s are all really excited for their show in Santa Cruz this week.

Top 10:

ee1edafa8a13824e022e32efb22cdcc4d001b5c21. THEE OH SEES – Drop
2. CHROME SPARKS – Goddess
3. EX-CULT – Midnight Passenger
4. PERFECT PUSSY – Say Yes To Love
5. WOODS – With Light And With Love
6. MIRAH – Changing Light
8. LITTLE DRAGON – Nabuma Rubberband
9. MYSTIC BRAVES – Desert Island
10. LES BIG BYRD – They Worshipped Cats



Top 5 Adds:

images1. GOLD-BEARS – Dalliance
3. YANN TIERSEN – Infinity
4. BABES – Babes [EP]





Gold-Bears new album is some really fun, catchy pop rock off of Slumberland records. The record, entitled Dalliance, is a very logical addition to the Slumberland line up. It’s got great fuzzy, punky guitars with sweet pop-y vocals thrown on top. It goes well as a kind of lighter cousin of the some of the other bands on the Slumberland roster, like Terry Malts or Joanna Gruesome. The album comes out June 3rd, but you’ll likely hear it over the KZSC airwaves throughout this week. I really dig this record. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Here’s a song off of it called For You:



End of May, New RPM

America takes a 3-day holiday. If you’re planning on spending some time listening to new electronic dance/RPM music, we recommend the following. For maximum results, try two a day:

  1. TEEBS – Estar / Brainfeeder 
  2. CHROME SPARKS – Goddess / Future Classic
  3. HETEROTIC – Weird Drift / Planet Mu
  4. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
  5. TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
  6. TOURIST – Patterns / Monday

Here’s a few more that just came in the mail; more details next time:MR. SCRUFF – Friendly Bacteria / Ninja Tune; PLAID – Reachy Prints / Warp;  MARTYN – Forgiveness / Ninja Tune; EVY JANE – Closer / Ninja Tune; FREE THE ROBOTS – Two Snakes [EP] / Perfect Touch.  Have a great, sunny holiday weekend!


Memorial Day Memorable Rock

Heading into a 3-day weekend and the official start of tourist season in Santa Cruz, here’s what’s hot in new rock on KZSC:

MI00037103041. EX-CULT – Midnight Passenger
2. BADI ASSAD – Between Love And Luck
3. CAETANO VELOSO – Abracaco
4. DYLAN SHEARER – Garagearray
5. LES BIG BYRD – They Worshipped Cats
6. CHROME SPARKS – Goddess
7. THEE OH SEES – Drop
8. MYSTIC BRAVES – Desert Island
9. HETEROTIC – Weird Drift


These have just been unwrapped:

91620421. LA SERA – Hour Of The Dawn Hardly Art
2. SHARON VAN ETTEN – Are We There
3. HERZOG – Boys
4. LITTLE DRAGON – Nabuma Rubberband






Holiday Bonus: a live Ex-Cult video because…they’re pretty cool.