Loud Rock Charts 4-1

Greetings metal community.  Here are the charts and adds for this last week of march.  Sorry for the slightly delayed notification, I have been sleeping off a mean bangover from seeing Exmortus last night.

1    RONNIE JAMES DIO    This Is Your Life    Rhino
2    STEEL PANTHER    All You Can Eat    Kobalt-Open E
3    PILGRIM    II: Void Worship    Metal Blade
4    HATRIOT    Dawn Of The New Centurion    Massacre
5    CREMATORY    Antiserum

1    ANIMALS AS LEADERS    The Joy Of Motion    Sumerian
2    ASSASSINS    War Of Aggression    Entertainment One
3    BEHEMOTH    The Satanist    Metal Blade
4    CYNIC    Kindly Bent To Free Us    Season Of Mist
5    SOCKS    The Socks    Small Stone
6    EARTH CRISIS    Salvation Of Innocents    Candlelight
7    BODYFARM    The Coming Scourge    Cyclone Empire
8    COMEBACK KID    Die Knowing    Victory
9    DEMON HUNTER    Extremist    Solid State
10    FLOTSAM AND JETSAM    No Place For Disgrace – 2014    Metal Blade

Kelis - Rumble

RPM Charts – April 1st

This is no joke! Top 10:

1. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2. TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
3. THOMAS WHITE – Ariose [EP] / Paradisiaca
4. WAVE RACER – Streamers / Future Classic
5. GIGANTA – Force / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
6. LEE BANNON – Alternate/Endings / Ninja Tune
7. TYCHO – Awake / Ghostly International
8. ACTRESS – Ghettoville / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
9. PATTEN – Estoile Naiant / Warp
10. MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune

Top 5 Adds:

1. KI:THEORY – Kitty Hawk Deluxe / Kringer
2. MR. SCRUFF – “Render Me” [Single] / Ninja Tune
3. KELIS – Rumble And Breach Remix / Ninja Tune
4. SWEAT IT OUT –  Sweat It Out! Sampler / Sweat It Out

Breach’s remix of Kelis’s new single, “Rumble” just might scratch that itch you’ve been having for some bangin’ new house:

And I still can’t get enough of Conrad Clifton’s debut, “Picture In Picture”! Another great cut from the album:


Latest World Music

imageHow’s your spring break? If the pollen count and your allergies are keeping you inside, you can still sit back and travel the globe like a jet setter with new releases discovered by the KZSC World Music Department. Tops this week are the funky-jazzy Canadian group Souljazz Orchestra, traditional/original Nubian musicians Alsarah & The Nubatones, and Las Cafeteras’ self released album full of Afro-Mexican rhythms. Forget the pollen count; here’s the Top Ten Count of new World Music CDs:

5 JAMAZE Around The World
6 BEATS ANTIQUE A Thousand Faces, Act I
8 VAADAT CHARIGIM The World Is Well Lost

And if you’re looking for a strong dose of cumbia, check out this Oakland based group: LA MISA NEGRA “Misa de Medianoche”

Conrad Clifton - Picture In Picture

RPM Charts – March 25th

Top 10:

1 TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
2 CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
3 WAVE RACER – Streamers / Future Classic
4 ACTRESS – Ghettoville / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
5 PATTEN – Estoile Naiant / Warp
6 MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune
7 CASHMERE CAT – Wedding Bells [EP] / LuckyMe
8 DAVIDGE – Slo Light / The End 
9 SAINT TIIMBRE – Power / Little Friend
10 CHRIS MALINCHAK – So Good To Me [EP] / Self-Released

Top 5 Adds:

1 CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2 TYCHO – Awake / Ghostly
3 GIGANTA – Force / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
4 JACK BEATS – Beatbox [EP] / OWSLA
5 PANTHER GOD – Golden Changes / Outside

Below is one of my favorite tracks from NY producer Conrad Clifton’s trapped-out debut LP. Check out the album in it’s entirety on his Soundcloud as well, you will not be disappointed!

And here’s some new techno courtesy of Giganta and Werkdiscs:

Don’t forget to keep it tuned to 88.1FM! Happy listening!


Rock Charts – 25th of March

Top 10:

imgres1. NATURAL CHILD – Dancin’ With Wolves
2. ST. VINCENT – St. Vincent
3. AVA LUNA – Electric Balloon
4. BLACK LIPS – Underneath The Rainbow
5. JESUS SONS – Jesus Sons
7. PERFECT PUSSY – Say Yes To Love
8. WAR ON DRUGS – Lost In The Dream
9. WARM SODA – Young Reckless Hearts
10. NOTHING – Guilty Of Everything


Top 5 Adds:

images1. TYCHO – Awake
2. PURE X – Angel
3. S. CAREY – Range Of Light
4. OWLS – Two
5. BURNT ONES – Gift





I am loving the new Ava Luna album. It’s soooo groovy. It’s like Prince, the Talking Heads, and the Dirty Projectors all thrown into one amazing album. Here’s one of my favorite tracks called Crown. It’s got a great neo-soul kind of vibe.



Album Review: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves

Natural-Child-In-LAFor the current crop of garage rockers its not 1965 anymore. Many of the bands who have been champions of scenes like the now virtually defunct San Francisco one have moved on from their raunchy roots to embrace a more sonically sophisticated 1969 feeling. Mikal Cronin and Thee Oh Sees have embraced lush string arrangements, The Fresh & Onlys have become a pop band, and Ty Segall’s decision to go acoustic on last year’s “Sleeper” had a tinge of the controversy that Dylan brought by famously deciding to do the opposite. Chances are if you were a lo-fi mainstay in 2009 you’ve upped the fidelity quite a bit by this year. Evidence of this especially rings true with the release of the fourth album by Nashville good ol’ boys Natural Child. On Dancin’ With Wolves the three piece has added two new members, keyboardist Benny Devine, and pedal steel player Luke Schneider, and has produced ten tracks of boozy, groovy, country bliss.

On their earlier releases Natural Child channeled the raw riffs that made their forbears superstars. Their debut album “1971” made no secrets of their influences with song titles like “Let It Bleed” and a stomping blues about an intoxicating lover named “Yoko.” Guitarist Seth Murray, Bass player Wes Traylor, and drummer Zack Martin pounded out southern flavored jams for two more records after that slowly moving out of the garage and into the studio. The two albums released in 2012, For The Love Of The Game and Hard In Heaven, show a band eager to put out music, and whose talent is increasing exponentially. Natural Child’s brand of country rock emphasizes a band with strong roots in the South. The twin lead vocal harmonies of Seth and Wes give the songs a jamboree vibe, and the grooves that the trio root themselves in are simultaneously rocking and rolling.

Dancin’ With Wolves keeps the rock n’ roll freight train choogling along, but is driven mainly by straight up country. Natural Child channels less of the Stones, and more of the likes of Waylon Jennings, JJ Cale, and the Allman Brothers. The album opener “Out In The Country” sits back into a lazy ride on the bayou. Devine’s keys punctuate Murray’s guitar gracefully, and the song feels like a summer evening jam session in a smoke filled houseboat. On the next track the boys remind you that they can kick it up a notch. “Don’t The Time Pass Quickly” showcases their new pedal steel player who hovers over the top of a racing rocker. Other standouts like “Country Hippie Blues” and “Saturday Night Blues” demonstrate the lyrical prowess of the Nashville crew. Natural Child’s stories are timeless, yet current. “Country Hippie” sees the longhairs explaining their pot smoking ways to their more straight-laced Nashville-ites. On “Saturday Night” the group explores the familiar feeling of being stuck at home on the weekend with no cash or prospects.

Most of the tracks on Wolves demonstrate Natural Child’s mastery of stoned down home blues. However, the band shows their range on the jazzy “Bailando Con Lobos.” Complete with Spanish lyrics the boys bounce around on a difficult timing, while the steel guitar whines hauntingly and the organ packs a punch of melody. There are few dull patches in the forty minute album. Unfortunately a brush track is much too heavy in the mix on Tom T. Hall’s “Nashville’s A Groovy Little Town,” the only cover on the record, to distract from an otherwise fun jangly tune. At other times when only one member steps up to the mic the sound loses some of it’s fullness; like on “Rounder.”

On the whole Natural Child’s Dancin’ With Wolves shows a mature and talented group of young musicians, who like their peers have had faith in their fans to be able handle more than just 1-2-3-4. Garage bands, given time, have always evolved into more, and with Natural Child Nashville rock n’ roll is in capable hands.