YUPPIES s/tBoredom. It’s all around us — in our classrooms, at the park, in our bedrooms, choking up our thoughts and actions like static on the TV screen. Disaffected youth toss cigarette butts into the streets in front of the local 7-11, spitting half-baked rhymes at passersby while their parents cower in cubicles, scratching their heads in the composition of a late-night email. Mid-level camaraderie congresses around the coffee pot at noon and there’s talk of prime rib and real estate and ‘the market’. In Omaha, Nebraska, no one knows boredom with more intimacy than Yuppies. In the summer of 2007, Jack Begley, Kevin Donahue and Noah Sterba came together very deliberately to end their boredom forever by performing punk rock live to a basement of kids who were bored just like them. With the addition of Jeff Sedrel on the bass in 2010 and a tour-heavy three years to follow, the rawness of their particular cut of rock n’ roll gristle was cooked through in the form of a self-titled debut on Dull Tools, a label run by fellow no-wave drill sergeant Andrew Savage (Parquet Courts). Vocalist Jack Begley forewarns listeners that we’re going for a ride, whether you like it or not, and nothing cures boredom like a swift kick to the gut and a crash test to the tympanic threshold. The sprawling, screeching manifesto to all that is death-proof in punk rock is recorded almost entirely in one take, lurching into song after song without ever skidding to a stop until we passengers throw the record out the window. It’s a flesh-singing, ball-tearing scrap of angular rock n’roll damage and it fuckin’ rules. Grip your copy of Yuppies through the label or check out their bandcamp next time boredom strikes, ’cause not all idle hands can work the blood and sweat out of an electric guitar like these Nebraskan devils can.




Early November RPM Charts

Thanksgiving is approaching…spare any of these new RPM/Electronic Music releases from your “turkey list”. You’ll hear them live late nights on KZSC.

1 FOUR TET Beautiful Rewind
2 MACHINEDRUM Vapor City Ninja Tune
3 DECO Timescales Deceast
4 DISCLOSURE Settle Cherrytree-Interscope
6 SHIGETO No Better Time Than Now Ghostly
7 MOBY Innocents Mute
8 813 Espoir Voyage [EP] Apothecary
9 ALUNAGEORGE Body Music Vagrant

Top 5 Super-New RPM:

1 MACHINEDRUM Vapor City Ninja Tune
2 BOOKA SHADE Eve Embassy Of Music
3 LAUREL HALO Chance Of Rain Hyperdub
4 DECO Timescales Deceast
5 CFCF Outside paper bag

Halloween Electronic Music Charts

Santa Cruz has a couple of big RPM/Electronic music shows happening on Halloween. If you want to get the feeling on your own sound system, here’s a list of Halloween end of October picks from KZSC. Our current Top 10

Rank Artist Recording Label
1 VITALIC Fade Away Remixes Different
2 EPROM Halflife
3 JESSY LANZA Pull My Hair Back Hyperdub
4 RANGE Nonfiction Donky Pitch
6 813 Espoir Voyage [EP] Apothecary
7 FOUR TET Beautiful Rewind Text
8 ALUNAGEORGE Body Music Vagrant
9 BURIAL Untrue Hyperdub
10 ZOMBY With Love 4AD

Top 5 Newest Adds:

1 KWES Ilp Warp
2 DEADCAT Transientualism
3 ALLUXE Nomad Electronic Creatives
4 BEATS ANTIQUE A Thousand Faces, Act I
5 MC ZULU Outlaw Speakerbox (Anthology) Perception 20/20

Rock Charts – Mid October

Top 10:

images-11. FUZZ – Fuzz
2. JACUZZI BOYS – Jacuzzi Boys
3. JESSY LANZA – Pull My Hair Back
4. COSMONAUTS – Persona Non Grata
5. AU REVOIR SIMONE – Move In Spectrums
6. NIGHT BEATS – Sonic Bloom
7. BLOUSE – Imperium
8. CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe
9. CRYSTAL STILTS – Nature Noir
10. HUNTERS – Hunters


Top 5 Adds:

images1. CASS MCCOMBS – Big Wheel And Others
2. CRYSTAL ANTLERS – Nothing Is Real
3. BOARDWALK – Boardwalk
4. WILLIAM ONYEABOR – World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?
5. CULTS – Static




I’ve been really loving the new Night Beats album.  Here’s a track from it called Playing Dead:


Rock Charts – Early October

Top 10:

mBx7H2ZdAR2ZO2rSeslXFSg1. MAZZY STAR- Seasons Of Your Day
2. TERRY MALTS – Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere
3. FRESH AND ONLYS – Soothsayer
4. DIRTBOMBS – Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!
5. BLOUSE – Imperium
6. KELLEY STOLTZ – Double Exposure
7. COURTNEYS – The Courtneys
8. JOANNA GRUESOME – Weird Sister
9. FUZZ – Fuzz
10. NO AGE – An Object



Top Adds:

mC4y4vspMpl8OFe-2rLw51w1. FUZZ – Fuzz
2. OF MONTREAL – Lousy With Sylvianbriar
3. SWIIIM – Cellophane Castle
4. SLEIGH BELLS – Bitter Rivals
5. BEST COAST – Fade Away






Fuzz managed to make it on both our Top 10 and Top Adds, which is pretty crazy.  I’m kind of tired of Ty Segall. So, instead here’s a video of Charles Bradley being awesome:

ground sounds

Mid-October New RPM Sounds

Just before the Halloween parties begin, here’s a list of 5 new and spinning releases on KZSC electronic music/RPM shows:

  1. SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND / Tribes (Upstream)
  2. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER / R Plus Seven (Warp)
  3. MOBY / Innocents (Mute)
  4. VITALIC / Fade Away Remixes (Different)
  5. NIGHTMARES ON WAX / Feelin’ Good (Warp)

Check out the new days, times & shows featuring electronic music this fall on KZSC…and don’t forget to donate during our Pledge Drive!