Halloween Electronic Music Charts

Santa Cruz has a couple of big RPM/Electronic music shows happening on Halloween. If you want to get the feeling on your own sound system, here’s a list of Halloween end of October picks from KZSC. Our current Top 10

Rank Artist Recording Label
1 VITALIC Fade Away Remixes Different
2 EPROM Halflife
3 JESSY LANZA Pull My Hair Back Hyperdub
4 RANGE Nonfiction Donky Pitch
6 813 Espoir Voyage [EP] Apothecary
7 FOUR TET Beautiful Rewind Text
8 ALUNAGEORGE Body Music Vagrant
9 BURIAL Untrue Hyperdub
10 ZOMBY With Love 4AD

Top 5 Newest Adds:

1 KWES Ilp Warp
2 DEADCAT Transientualism
3 ALLUXE Nomad Electronic Creatives
4 BEATS ANTIQUE A Thousand Faces, Act I
5 MC ZULU Outlaw Speakerbox (Anthology) Perception 20/20

Rock Charts – Mid October

Top 10:

images-11. FUZZ – Fuzz
2. JACUZZI BOYS – Jacuzzi Boys
3. JESSY LANZA – Pull My Hair Back
4. COSMONAUTS – Persona Non Grata
5. AU REVOIR SIMONE – Move In Spectrums
6. NIGHT BEATS – Sonic Bloom
7. BLOUSE – Imperium
8. CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe
9. CRYSTAL STILTS – Nature Noir
10. HUNTERS – Hunters


Top 5 Adds:

images1. CASS MCCOMBS – Big Wheel And Others
2. CRYSTAL ANTLERS – Nothing Is Real
3. BOARDWALK – Boardwalk
4. WILLIAM ONYEABOR – World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?
5. CULTS – Static




I’ve been really loving the new Night Beats album.  Here’s a track from it called Playing Dead:


Rock Charts – Early October

Top 10:

mBx7H2ZdAR2ZO2rSeslXFSg1. MAZZY STAR- Seasons Of Your Day
2. TERRY MALTS – Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere
3. FRESH AND ONLYS – Soothsayer
4. DIRTBOMBS – Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!
5. BLOUSE – Imperium
6. KELLEY STOLTZ – Double Exposure
7. COURTNEYS – The Courtneys
8. JOANNA GRUESOME – Weird Sister
9. FUZZ – Fuzz
10. NO AGE – An Object



Top Adds:

mC4y4vspMpl8OFe-2rLw51w1. FUZZ – Fuzz
2. OF MONTREAL – Lousy With Sylvianbriar
3. SWIIIM – Cellophane Castle
4. SLEIGH BELLS – Bitter Rivals
5. BEST COAST – Fade Away






Fuzz managed to make it on both our Top 10 and Top Adds, which is pretty crazy.  I’m kind of tired of Ty Segall. So, instead here’s a video of Charles Bradley being awesome:

ground sounds

Mid-October New RPM Sounds

Just before the Halloween parties begin, here’s a list of 5 new and spinning releases on KZSC electronic music/RPM shows:

  1. SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND / Tribes (Upstream)
  2. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER / R Plus Seven (Warp)
  3. MOBY / Innocents (Mute)
  4. VITALIC / Fade Away Remixes (Different)
  5. NIGHTMARES ON WAX / Feelin’ Good (Warp)

Check out the new days, times & shows featuring electronic music this fall on KZSC…and don’t forget to donate during our Pledge Drive!


Loud Rock Charts: First Charts for LOUDROCKTOBER

If you missed our #1 Loud Rock band, The Safety Fire, this past Monday, you are doing yourself a disservice. They are one of the best upcoming progressive metal bands currently out there, and they have a freaking british accent. What’s not to love?!


  1. SCAR THE MARTYR Scar The Martyr Roadrunner
  2. SOULFLY Savages Nuclear Blast
  3. FATES WARNING Darkness In A Different Light Inside Out
  4. BROKEN HOPE Omen Of Disease Century Media
  5. HORISONT Time Warriors Metal Blade



  1. SAFETY FIRE Mouth Of Swords InsideOut
  2. AVENGED SEVENFOLD Hail To The King Warner Brothers
  3. DEVILDRIVER Winter Kills Napalm
  4. TYR Valkyrja Metal Blade
  5. CARCASS Surgical Steel Nuclear Blast
  6. GWAR Battle Maximus Metal Blade
  7. AMERICAN SHARKS American Sharks The End
  8. DEVIL WEARS PRADA 8:18 Roadrunner
  9. WOOD SHAMPOO Crack, Crack Heart Attack Missing Sock
  10. CROSSFAITH Apocalyze The End



Rock Charts – First Week Of October

Top 10:

images1. TERRY MALTS – Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere
2. JOANNA GRUESOME – Weird Sister
3. JACUZZI BOYS – Jacuzzi Boys
4. COKE WEED – Back To Soft
5. DODOS – Carrier
6. DR. DOG – B-Room
7. DENT MAY – Warm Blanket
8. THE SPYRALS – Out Of Sight
9. NO AGE – An Object
10. DEER TICK – Negativity


Top 5 Adds:

imgres1. THE FRESH AND ONLYS – Soothsayer
2. MOBY – Innocents
3. TV GHOST – Disconnect
4. BOREAL SONS – Threadbare
5. CASUAL SEX – Stroh 80





I’m really excited about the new Terry Malts album, so I’ll drop this down here:

But also, this is a video of Moby and Wayne Coyne doing weird things together!