From MJ to MJ: Take a Chance on “Acid Rap”

Chancelor Bennett is not old enough to buy alcohol. Chances are (heh), he probably doesn’t remember when mixtapes were actually tapes. Despite all of this, Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, recently released his highly-anticipated second tape Acid Rap. Following up his highly-acclaimed first tape 10Day, whose title is a reference to the amount of time he was suspended from school, during which time he recorded it, Acid Rap (whose title comes from the fact that Chance did a whole lot of LSD during the albums writing and recording process) takes his music to another level, filled with scratchy, soulful samples, clever wordplay, and high-profile guest spots. Beginning with uptempo, Beyonce-esque vocals ushering in opening track “Good Ass Intro”, the album oozes good vibes, with a chorus featuring an ecstatic Chance chanting “you did it, you did it/you did a good-ass job” (Fun fact: “Good-Ass Job was a working – and in my opinion much better – title for Kanye West’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). The album quickly moves into highlight “Pusha Man”, likely a callback to Curtis Mayfield, and a two minute fast-paced banger which quickly ends and we’re left with fifteen seconds of silence before secret track “Paranoia” begins. Here, Chance gets serious for a bit, lamenting the murders that happen every summer in his hometown of Chicago, which go unreported in mainstream media. The song is mellow and contemplative, with a catchy hook floating in a river of questions that don’t seem to get an answer. Other highlights on the album include the party-starter “Juice”, which soundtracks a hilarious and heartwarming video of Chance handing out roses to people on the streets of Chicago; the funky bass grooves of “NaNa”, featuring Action Bronson (or is that Ghostface?); and “Chain Smoker” whose “bridge” section I will defy anyone not to get hyped on. Finally coming to “Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)”, the album closes on a feel-good note, with everything feeling just about right. All in all, I highly recommend you take a trip through Acid Rap, and keep a tab on this Bennett kid, ’cause he’s goin’ places.

Download Acid Rap for FREE here!


Punky Prima Donna!

Once again the punky pop prima donna is back and better than ever! After the large success of her intimately emotional yet rough 2008 album, ‘Fun House,’ P!nk continues to pour even more soul into her newly released album, ‘The Truth About Love.’  The hardcore tough loving artist reveals more of her past with a range of bass-tastic beats and soft beautiful melodies. She also includes a slew of fellow artists including the main singer from the band ‘FUN’ Nate Ruess, Eminem, and Lily Rose Cooper.

To top off her fame and success P!nk also celebrated the birth of her new baby girl, Willow. Yet, the proud Mama isn’t ready to stop there. She will also be starring in the new film, ‘Thanks For Sharing,’ a comedic drama that focuses on several individuals coping with sex addiction in a world filled with social pressures fueled by sexual advertisements. The film also stars Marc Ruffalow, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Tim Robins, and more.

Also, catch her ‘Truth About Love’ tour running now through November 8th. Spaces are limited and some shows have already sold out, be sure to get your tickets soon!



Rock Charts – Mid-August

HUNXXXX!  We’ve been loving the new Hunx and His Punx album at The Great 88.  Here’s our current Top 10:

images-11 HUNX AND HIS PUNX Street Punk
3 COOL GHOULS Cool Ghouls
4 MALLARD Finding Meaning In Deference
5 BASS DRUM OF DEATH Bass Drum Of Death
6 GOGOL BORDELLO Pura Vida Conspiracy
7 BOOKER T Sound The Alarm
8 RUNNING Vaguely Ethnic
9 KING TUFF Was Dead
10 SALVIA PLATH The Bardo Story



images1 HIATUS KAIYOTE Tawk Tomahawk
2 DIARRHEA PLANET I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
4 JULIA HOLTER Loud City Song





This week we’ve got two Top 10 debuts from Thee Oh Sees’s record label Castle Face: The Mallard’s Finding Meaning in Deference and Running’s Vaguely Ethnic.  Both are definitely worth a listen.

Here’s a track from The Mallard:


Rock Charts – August 6th

Top 10:

images-11 HUNX AND HIS PUNX – Street Punk
3 BASS DRUM OF DEATH – Bass Drum Of Death
4 COOL GHOULS – Cool Ghouls
5 KING TUFF – Was Dead
6 BOOKER T – Sound The Alarm
7 SHANNON AND THE CLAMS – Dreams In The Rat House
8 SALVIA PLATH – The Bardo Story
9 SPEEDY ORTIZ – Major Arcana
10 SURFER BLOOD – Pythons



picture1 WASHED OUT – Paracosm
2 MEDICINE – To The Happy Few
3 RUNNING – Vaguely Ethnic
5 SURF CITY – We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This






The amazing shoegaze band, Medicine, just released a new album on Captured Tracks called To The Happy Few. It is definitely worth checking out!


Sculpture IS 2013

Looking for adventure right before summer comes to an end?  Sierra Azul Nursery & Garden has joined up with the Pajaro Valley arts council and put together the 7th annual show Sculpture IS 2013.  Walk through and enjoy over 100 sculptures placed throughout the 2- acre  demonstration garden. Pack a lunch, bring a blanket, invite friends & family to relax and enjoy the exhibit!

Sierra Azul Nursery & Garden is located 2660 East Lake Ave., Watsonville.  Hours are from 9 am – 5:30 pm


MGMT still finding ways to out-weird themselves

MGMT’s self titled third album won’t be released until September but they have come out with one trippy new music video for their new single “Your Life is a Lie.” What I love about MGMT is that they always find a way to out-weird themselves.




Now I know what you’re thinking, “Is my life a lie? Have I wasted these years looking at pictures of cats online? Why does watching a man eating a banana make me so uncomfortable.” I can’t really answer any of these questions for you, but I can tell you this much, I don’t know what is going on in this video.