Beck @ The Rio & Coping With Not Going

Like me, you’re most likely disappointed that you didn’t get your ticket to see Beck at the Rio tomorrow night (and if you’re not you’re one lucky ticket holder). I’m sure you planned on laying in bed numbly, wondering how you could be so foolish as to not buy a ticket immediately (at least that’s what I had planned originally), but I’ve come up with a list of alternatives so you won’te have to spend your Saturday night eating a tub of ice cream alone and thinking about if black magic can truly materialize a ticket stub.

1.  Go on a long walk and reflect on what your life has really meant up to this point. Questions you could ask yourself could be: Why did I not buy that Beck ticket? Was Pluto ever truly a planet? How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? etc.

2. Listen to every album in the Beck discography and visualize what seeing that live would be like. Now this might require a fog machine and some mood lighting to truly achieve the desired effect.

3. Maybe the best choice is to get out of your funk and go and see Hunx & His Punx, Shannon and the Clams, Fuzz, Peach Kelli Pop, and Twin Steps tonight in Oakland!

I’ve been to the New Parish before and let me tell you it is one fun establishment. In a world where musicians have become about as unapproachable as proposing to Ryan Gosling for marriage it’s refreshing to have a venue with intimacy. Literally no view is a bad view and there’s a balcony for a nice overhead view if that’s more your style. Plus Hunx and Shannon are both such great performers that the journey will be worth it (They’re Oakland natives too so they always put out something a little special when back home). Whatever you end up doing just tell yourself it’s as good a seeing Beck, if not better, that’s my plan at least and remember that KZSC does offer some sweet weekend programing to get you out of your Beck induced crying episode.


KZSC Jazz Charts 5/6 and Featured Artist Sarah Elizabeth Charles

All of the cats at KZSC have been enjoying a huge influx of the finest jazz in lieu of the recent JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month) of April. Now that April has ended, the fun hasn’t stopped in May and we continue to recieve tons of titles from our promoters!

Here, some of the most popular plays are listed:

1 ELDAR DJANGIROV Breakthrough
4 JANE MONHEIT The Heart Of The Matter
8 MICHAEL BLANCO No Time Like the Present
10 MIKROKOLEKTYW Absent Minded
Among these is a very talented artist recently featured here at KZSC, and goes by the name Sarah Elizabeth Charles. Emerging from the vibrant jazz scene of New York City and producing through Truth Revolution Records, Sarah recently completed a tour of the west coast going through Seattle, San Francisco, Berkeley AND she even came up to our lovely little KZSCabin in the woods! Her recent recording of the album “RED” with her quartet is certainly something worth listening to. We completed a studio interview last week, which should air on my show Stirrin’ the Soup on Thursday 2-4pm.
Sarah has already played some of the greatest venues in NYC, including Dizzy’s, the Blue Note and the Iridium. Her expression doesn’t stop at RED- I’m told that there is more to look forward to the end of this year and the the following.As usual, the jazz/blues department at KZSC is committed to keeping things fresh…We are receiving nothing but the newest recordings from all over the country and we want to spin them for YOU! If you want to hear it all, tune into some of the great shows throughout the week:Your favorite kind of American folk music on American Spirit, Wednesdays 9am-12pm
A mix that contains non-GMO soul on Stirrin the Soup, 2-4 pm Thursdays.
See how it’s all related on Not So Distant Relatives, Fridays 2-4pm.
The finest women of jazz on Jazz Kitty, Saturdays 12-2pm.
Still want more??? We know you do. Check out the program schedule in the tab at the top of this page to see what else is cookin’.We thank you for listening, we thank the artists for swinging, and the promoters for mailing. Until next time.


Loud Rock Charts: 5/14

Greetings all! Decisions are in and the people have spoken, KZSC’s new Loud Rock Director is I, DJ trev_gore! I’m hoping I can fill in the shoes of your former overlord Brootalisk sufficiently. As first order of action, check out these new rad jams for you headbang and loose your hearing to! Topping the adds we have insanely talented Math Rock/Hardcore greats Dillinger Escape Plan with their latest album One of Us Is The Killer. Be sure to check them out on this tour as they’re going to be ripping faces off all across ‘Merica alongside Faceless and Royal Thunder. Be ready to headwalk, stagedive, and get wacky whilst listening to this album.


1 DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN One Of Us Is The Killer Sumerian
2 BLOOD CEREMONY The Eldtritch Dark
3 ANVIL Hope In Hell The End
4 IMMOLATION Kingdom Of Conspiracy Nuclear Blast
5 BLACK COWGIRL Black Cowgirl Restricted Release




1 SODOM Epitome Of Torture SPV
2 OCEAN Pelagial Metal Blade
3 GHOST B.C. Infestissumam Loma Vista
5 SHINING One One One Prosthetic
6 IRON LUNG White Glove Test
7 ARSIS Unwelcome Nuclear Blast
8 DELAIN Interlude
9 KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Disarm The Descent Roadrunner
10 WOE Withdrawal Candlelight

Lizard King

Jim Morrison: Still Dead

Unlike Tupac, the odds of seeing a holographic Jim Morrison are slim. But modern technology has produced the official Doors App, promising “to bring The Doors’ story to life” by delving deep into every aspect of their career. Materials used are from the band’s archive and dozens of other sources including over 40 short form videos and all 6 music videos The Doors made. Of course there’s tons of music, lyrics, posters, essays and even a chance to “drive” Jim Morrison’s Shelby GT 500 Mustang. Want to find out what really happened at that infamous Miami concert? Check out The Doors App.


Loud Rock Charts: 5/7

Sodom’s Epitome of Torture dropped on our (metal)heads two weeks ago. What the hell? How did I miss that? More importantly, who’s the assbag that forget to send me a memo and do my job for me?

Also, if you have yet to check out The Ocean’s newest record, you are sorely missing out on what is arguably the best record to come out so far this year…and dare I say it of last year as well. Honestly, all of the records listed below are all worth permanently damaging your hearing to, but you already knew that, right?

1 SODOM Epitome Of Torture SPV
2 MASTERS OF METAL Masters Of Metal [EP] Krypto 9
4 ATROCITY Okkult Napalm
5 AVANTASIA The Mystery Of Time Nuclear Blast




1 OCEAN Pelagial Metal Blade
2 GHOST B.C. Infestissumam Loma Vista
3 ARSIS Unwelcome Nuclear Blast
4 SHINING One One One Prosthetic
5 LOSTALONE I’m A UFO In This City The End
6 AMORPHIS Circle Nuclear Blast
7 KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Disarm The Descent Roadrunner
8 SACRED MOTHER TONGUE Out Of The Darkness The End
10 WOE Withdrawal Candlelight


Loud Rock Charts: 4/30

With these last adds/charts comes the end of April, and the beginning of something beautiful. And metal. Can we dub this month “Metal May”? Because there are some seriously mindblowing tours coming to the Bay Area and Santa Cruz over the course of the next 4 weeks.


We’ve got Gorod/Fallujah on May 3rd, Cancer Bats/Kvelertak/Black Tusk on May 7th, Arsis on May 16th, Cannibal Corpse/Napalm Death/Immolation on May 17th, Dillinger Escape Plan/Faceless/Royal Thunder on May 19th, Kylesa on May 24th, Opeth/Katatonia on May 26th, and finally Decapitated on May 30th.


I don’t know when May decided to go the way of the headbangers, but I sure as hell am not complaining.
1 AMORPHIS Circle Nuclear Blast
2 SACRED MOTHER TONGUE Out Of The Darkness The End
3 CATHEDRAL The Last Spire Metal Blade
4 STARKILL Fires Of Life Century Media
5 PURSON The Circle And The Blue Door Metal Blade



1 OCEAN Pelagial Metal Blade
2 KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Disarm The Descent Roadrunner
3 GHOST B.C. Infestissumam Loma Vista
4 ARSIS Unwelcome Nuclear Blast
5 LOSTALONE I’m A UFO In This City The End
6 SHINING One One One Prosthetic
8 BYZANTINE Byzantine Self-Released
9 AMARANTHE The Nexus Spinefarm
10 WHILE SHE SLEEPS This Is The Six The End