New Growlers Album: Hung At Heart

Self-branded as “Beach Goth”, the Orange County crew The Growlers are road warriors. Playing a seemingly endless string of dates, the quintet wander the country like modern day pranksters delivering a tight set of their jaunty organ-infused surf rock. Costa Mesa’s psych-surf garage outfit took time off the road to produce their third LP, a collection of  15 songs that capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll born on the beach and raised on the road. “Hung At Heart” is the band’s most thought out release yet. While past albums have sounded similar from song to song, the Growlers make sure this record has tracks that stand out from each other. The opener “Someday” showcases the lyrics of frontman Brooks Nielsen. “Living In A Memory” has a western vibe that chugs along. “In Between” serves as a manifesto for the boozy day-glo group. The album is, as we say, “all killer, no filler” with something for everyone who wants to rock. You’ll definitely hear The Growlers on all sorts of  shows on the Great 88.

Within The Ruins

Loud Rock Charts: 2/26

Thursday night, I witnessed one of the greatest acts on metal this world has seen. No, it wasn’t any big name bands like  Opeth or Gojira. It was just a small three piece band, who use nothing more than 2 lights, a little bit of fog, and three instruments to create one of the most unbelievable live performances on this earth. That band’s name is Russian Circles. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you get a chance to see them on their tour with Between the Buried and Me and Coheed and Cambria, please for the love of god get there early to witness their greatness.


Within The Ruins1 WITHIN THE RUINS Elite eOne
2 DARKTHRONE The Underground Resistance
4 STRATOVARIUS Nemesis Eagle Rock
5 DEVICE “Vilify” [Single] Warner Brothers



ShaiHulud-ReachBeyondTheSun1 SHAI HULUD Reach Beyond The Sun Metal Blade
2 CULT OF LUNA Vertikal Density
3 STIGMA For Love And Glory Durty Mick
4 DEAD LABEL Sense Of Slaughter Nuerra
6 SUFFOCATION Pinnacle Of Bedlam Nuclear Blast
7 HEAVEN’S BASEMENT Filthy Empire Red Bull
8 PISSED JEANS Honeys Sub Pop
9 PSYCHOTHERMIA Fall To The Rising Sun Self-Released
10 ANCIENT VVISDOM Deathlike Prosthetic


Staples Center goes Vegetarian for Morrissey

Morrissey has infamously pushed vegetarianism on concert venues he has promised to play. The latest one did not have to pushed.

The Staples Center has agreed to go completely vegetarian for the Morrissey concert on March 1st on the condition that the singer does not cancel. How many times has somebody ever said, “I had tickets for Morrissey but it got canceled”? Too many, so let’s not get our hopes up here. This will most likely not happen all thanks to Morrissey’s bleeding ulcer which causes him to cancel the majority of his shows, cute stuff. The Staples Center has agreed to donate some of the money from ticket sales to PETA and also agreed to offer concert-goers an all-vegetarian experience at the venue. I imagine this is worse than meatless mondays at the dinning halls.


Read the whole story here:


Old Man Takes A Look At His Life

We here at the Great 88 love a good rockstar memoir. They offer us windows into the creative minds of our musical heroes. Plus they’re just fun reading.

The latest and greatest grey haired musings come to us from everyones favorite flannel wearing Canadian, Neil Young. In “Waging Heavy Peace” the  prolific songwriter meanders through an wide array of topics from model trains to his new high fidelity digital audio company. Young hits all the musical periods of his life from his garage days as a teen in Ontario to the new Crazy Horse album. His stories share intimate details of the process behind his greatest recordings and the formations of his many important bands.

Young delves even deeper, speaking at length on various characters integral to his career, and in many cases, those characters deaths. He worries about not being able to write music since ceasing to smoke weed. It easy to imagine Young speaking while reading this. He writes not just for the product, but for the exercise.

If you find yourself with an empty bedside table and would like to sit down for a chat with one of the absolute greats of rock n’roll then grab this self described rich hippy’s book, and once you need to hear the thunder of Old Black be sure to tune in to KZSC.


KZSC Jazz Charts 2/19

After what felt like a week of summer weather it’s finally a chilly 50 degrees with rain in California. For a second I thought winter was over. Your Charts and Adds for the week as follows:
KZSC Jazz Charts
1 JOY MOVER Joy Mover
2 AARON NEVILLE My True Story Blue Note
3 CECILY KATE Standards Self-Released
4 MIMI FOX Standards, Old And New Self-Released
5 MOLLY HOLM Permission
7 ORGANISSIMO Dedicated Big O
8 JOSE JAMES No Beginning No End Blue Note
9 PETE ESCOVEDO Live At Stern Grove Festival Concord Picante
Reported Adds
1 NEXT COLLECTIVE Cover Art Concord
3 JOY MOVER Joy Mover joy mover
4 PATTY PETERSON The Very Thought Of You
5 IAN CAREY QUINTET +1 Roads & Codes
Besides these reported adds I also have added:
Rebecca Coupe Franks    Two Oceans
Mark Kleinhaut & Neil Lamb    Jones Street
Hoopty    Hoopty
Lisa Taylor    Let Love Shine
Troy Roberts  Nu-Jive 5
Shoestring Trio   Shoestring Trio
-N. Mokover

Loud Rock Charts: 12/19

I sincerely hope everyone has had a great three day weekend! In celebration of our forefathers, why not take a listen to some awesome new metal? In particular, Suffocation’s Pinnacle of Bedlam has been making waves in the metal community, for great reason. Also adding today, Psychothermia’s newest album is just as awesome and “kooky” as its name implies. It’s also self-released, so why not help out an up-and-coming independent band?


Suffocation-Pinnacle-of-Bedlam-Small1 SUFFOCATION Pinnacle Of Bedlam Nuclear Blast
2 PSYCHOTHERMIA Fall To The Rising Sun Self-Released
3 STIGMA For Love And Glory Durty Mick
4 ORANGE GOBLIN “The Filthy And The Few” [Single] Candlelight
5 BLACK DRAWING CHALKS No Dust Stuck On You Self-Released



ShaiHulud-ReachBeyondTheSun1 SHAI HULUD Reach Beyond The Sun Metal Blade
2 CULT OF LUNA Vertikal Density
5 DEAD LABEL Sense Of Slaughter Nuerra
6 HOLY GRAIL Ride The Void Prosthetic
7 GLORIA MORTI Lateral Constraint Metal Blade
8 ANCIENT VVISDOM Deathlike Prosthetic
9 PISSED JEANS Honeys Sub Pop
10 HATE Solarflesh Napalm