Jazz Charts 1/15

Hello everyone,

Here is this week’s edition of the KZSC Jazz Charts. Topping them this week comes an independent/self release from vocalist Lauren Desberg with her EP “Sideways.” This album features many up and coming young jazz stars on the scene today including bassist Joshua Crumbly (Terence Blanchard, Taylor Eigsti), drummer Corey Fonville (Nicholas Payton, Christian Scott), and arrangements by recent Thelonious Monk competition winner in piano, Kris Bowers. The album is produced by all-star vocalist Gretchen Parlato and also features the unique musical expressions of Dayna Stephens and his tenor saxophone. More information and tunes can be heard at her website www.laurendesberg.com.

Other than that I got a TON of jazz incoming this week, thanks for the support!

KZSC Top 10 Charts
1    LAUREN DESBERG    Sideways    Self Released
3    AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE    When The Heart Emerges Glistening    Blue Note
4    DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER    Live At Yoshi’s    Verve
5    AMIKAEYLA    Being In Love    RootsJazz
7    PAUL HEMMINGS UKETET    Introducing – The Paul Hemmings Uketet    Leading Tone
8    ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ    Sounds Of Space    QWEST
9    ANDREA BRACHFELD    Lady Of The Island    Zoho
10    BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO    Where Do You Start    Nonesuch
KZSC Jazz Adds
Jackie Ryan    Listen Here    Open Art
Organissimo    Dedicated    MFA Jazz
Patricia Barber    Smash    Concord
Erik Deutsch    Demonio Leclado    Kuumbwa
Davina and the Vagabonds    Black Cloud    Kuumbwa
Wasabi    Wide Open    Kuumbwa
Daniel Lantz Trio    Daniel Lantz Trio Plays Bond    Kari-On
The Summarily Dismissed    To Each    Kari-On
Didi Favreau    Vague Recollections Pt. 1    Self
Shake it Like a Caveman    Digital Football    Self
Hashem Assadullahi    Pieces    Origin Records
Mimi Fox    Standards Old and New    Origin Records
Inbar Fridman    Time Quartet Project    Origin Records
Lary Barilleau & The Latin Jazz Collective    Carmen’s Mambo    Origin Records
Rob Ryndak    A Wonderful Thing    New World n Jazz
James Sanders    Blue Violin    MFA Jazz
Nate Najar     Blues for Night People    Lisa Reedy
Jerry Leake    Cubist Prominence    Self Released
Pamela Hines    3. 2. 1.    Kari-On
Lisa Forkish    Bridges    Kari-On

-N. Mokover


Loud Rock Charts: 1/15

After 4 long years, Voivod is finally back with their newest full length, Target Earth. It’s the first record to feature their new guitarist, Daniel Mongrain, and the first since 1991 to feature their original bassist.

Also, Incite, who is releasing an exciting album soon, is touring with Soulfly in the coming months in support of All Out War. So much exciting stuff coming out, and it’s only the first month of the year!




1 VOIVOD Target Earth Century Media
2 INCITE All Out War Minus Head
3 NIGHTFALL Cassiopeia Metal Blade
4 BLACK EXPLOSION Servitors Of The Outer Gods Metalville




1 DEFTONES Koi No Yokan Warner Brothers
2 ALL THAT REMAINS A War You Cannot Win Razor and Tie
3 CORSAIR Corsair Shadow Kingdom
4 GAMMA RAY Skeletons And Majesties Eagle Rock
5 RAMMSTEIN Mein Herz Brennt [EP] Universal
6 SLAM ONE DOWN Who Really Wants To Live Forever Pour One Out
7 LEAVING EDEN Between Heaven And Hell Nova-Right-UNI
8 CULT OF LUNA “I: The Weapon” [Single] Density
9 RECOVERY COUNCIL Plan-Do-Check-Act Dot Ultra
10 MESTIS Basal Ganglia



Django Fail !

Though not for the reasons being bandied about, I did not like this movie. But, since this is a blog for KZSC, let’s keep to issues musically related……      I am a huge fan of QT, and have found his use of music in film amazing!   Especially, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown.  Oh lordy lordy, I do have many a fond memory.  But, alas, as far as this latest film from him, the soundtrack, it gets a big “F” for FAIL!  To be fair, I can think of couple of times when a tune worked with the film.  However, for the rest, instead of enhancing the movie, the music detracted and distracted from it.  You get pulled out of a scene, rather than being drawn in.  If you are sitting in a theatre, thinking about how crappy and inapropriate the soundtrack is, that can’t be a good sign.  For all the talk about how graphic and authentic the depictions of slavery were, how about a couple of  hyms or spirituals drawn from the abolitionist movements of the time period?    By the way, the “N” word was not overused in the movie, but I do have an “N” word to use for the music offerred in Django Unchained… NO, NO, NO, NO & NO !!!


2012 KZ$C Hip Hop Awards

1. Iggy Azalea, Glory (EP)

Iggy Azalea was signed by T.I. earlier this year and blew up with her single “Murda Bizness” off of her EP. This Australian babe raps like nobody’s business, combining unstoppable sex appeal and rough lyrics. For a sexy time check out “Flash” featuring Mike Posner.

2. Aesop Rock, Skelethon

This was Aesop’s first fully self-produced full-length studio album. With bangers such as “Grace”, “Tetra”, “ZZZ Top”, and “Zero Dark Thirty” it won’t disappoint. Heavy beats and serious rhymes turn childhood anecdotes into songs you won’t soon forget. Aesop is known for being rather dark, but this is one of his darkest albums yet.


Although the whole album hasn’t technically been released yet, there have been 2 singles and a leak of this album that assure me it makes it into my top 5 list. Videos for “Long Live A$AP” and “Goldie” can be found online, having been released earlier this year. The release date has been pushed back a number of times, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

4. Odd Future, OF Tape, Vol. 2

Odd Future did it again with their second tape. They presented inappropriate, offensive, disgusting, abrasive songs to us in a fashion that no one seemed to notice. Who could help it? Tracks like “Doms”, “Forest Green” and “P” became instant classics. It was quite a bummer not having Earl on there, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of him in the next year.

5. Brother Ali, Mourning in American and Dreaming in Color

Brother Ali is incomparable in the way he reaches the hearts and souls of his listeners. This album touches on so many aspects of simply being human in today’s world. He brings to light what we should be grateful for and what we should be fighting to change. With instruments of all sorts, this live band album truly swept me off my feet.


Loud Rock Charts: 1/8

Alas, it is time once again to bring ourselves back into reality. However, that also means more awesome music for the masses. This week brings some really neat stuff out of Corsair, a band that actually self released their first full length album back in April, but is now signed with Shadow Kingdom Records, and thus is releasing it under them on January 23rd.

Of course, a name you don’t need any introduction to, Rammstein is also on this week’s list. Expect lots of creepy, yet awesome, piano interludes.

I sincerely hope you all had a great break during the holidays. Here’s to another metal year!



1 CORSAIR Corsair Shadow Kingdom
2 RAMMSTEIN Mein Herz Brennt [EP] Universal
3 CODE ORANGE KIDS Love Is Love/Return To Dust Deathwish






Downfall-of-Gaia-Suffocating-in-the-Swarm-of-Cranes-1 DOWNFALL OF GAIA Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes Metal Blade
3 ENSLAVED Riitiir Nuclear
4 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
5 SOUL CYCLE Soul Cycle II
6 AMENRA Mass V Neurot
7 DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora’s Pinata Sensory
8 HYPNO5E Acid Mist Tomorrow
9 NEUROSIS Honor Found In Decay Neurot
10 HIGH ON FIRE De Vermis Mysteriis eOne


Kensington Blues Comin’ Back: Remembering Jack Rose

December 5th marked the three-year anniversary of the passing of guitarist and visionary Jack Rose. Over those three years the brilliance of his music has remained constant. His unwavering dedication to not only wowing listeners with his brilliant technical skill, but writing actual songs set him apart from the pack of Fahey imitators and practitioners of American Primitive-lite explorations in folk monotony. Take a listen to some of his songs below. Seriously, listen. Your life will be better for it.