Loud Rock Charts: 10/9

I think now is a very worthwhile time to point out the amazing upcoming metal albums that are dropping in this metallest of months. The list is as follows: BTBAM, Daylight Dies, Enslaved, Dethklok, Downfall of Gaia, Converge, Sylosis, Wintersun, Behold the Arctopus, and of course Neurosis. I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, but it’s hard to keep track when there have been no less than 25 albums released this year that, on their own, could probably win an Album of the Year award or two. Seriously, how good of a year is 2012 shaping up to be for us headbanging metalheads? We better enjoy it while we can, because it definitely won’t last forever…

1 ENSLAVED Riitiir Nuclear
2 CONVERGE All We Love We Leave Behind Epitaph
3 METALOCALYPSE: DETHKLOK Dethalbum III Cartoon Network
4 DOWNFALL OF GAIA Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes Metal Blade
5 DAYLIGHT DIES A Frail Becoming Candlelight



1 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME The Parallax II: Future Sequence Metal Blade
2 VISION OF DISORDER The Cursed Remain Cursed Candlelight
4 CHARIOT One Wing eOne
5 LOCAL H Hallelujah! I’m A Bum Slimstyle
6 CASPIAN Waking Season Triple Crown
7 STOLEN BABIES Naught no comment
8 GALLOWS Gallows Bridge 9
9 AS I LAY DYING Awakened Metal Blade
10 KATATONIA Dead End Kings Peaceville


Calvin Likes All the Girls

Calvin Harris has been a popular act since the release of his first album I Created Disco. One of my favorite records ever was his second album Ready for the weekend. Lately though Mr. Harris has been making himself more of a household name by creating tracks for popular singers. The most popular of these songs was Rihanna’s “We found love”

So following the succes of this song Calvin Harris produced two more tracks with other popular singers.


Here is a track with Ellie Goulding that just came out in the first week of October.


And this track features Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

More artist should copy this plan of producing for other popular acts. We as listeners win because we get new fusions of music from out favorite artists and electronic producers win by getting their names into more ipods. Also be on the lookout for Calvin Harris’s 3rd album 18 months out October 29th



Until the Quiet Comes

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a Flying Lotus fanatic (fan) so of course I am going to blog about his new album released this month entitled “Until the Quiet Comes.”

This album continues Lotus’ move away from a hip-hop beat base into more of a melodic focused sound while still managing to keep the hip-hop feel embedded in the music. In my experience, the albums that end up defining me never stick the first time. This album is no exception. It has taken a few listens but I have started to notice and appreciate the nuances and contrasts between the pieces.

I suggest first listening to the album in its entirety when focused on something else. “Until the Quiet Comes” is like “Cosmogramma” in that it is extremely important to listen to the songs in order and without interruption, there is so much from this album that cannot be captured without the transitions from track to track. After listening to the entire album passively, grab a nice pair of earbuds and lie in bed in a dark room and really focus on the sounds this time. A nice exercise is to try and identify all the different instruments or sounds featured in a track.

So go ahead. Give it a shot. It will be time well spent.





Our Sound, Our Fury

Today and Today and Today, sweeps in this pretty place, from hour to hour.  To the last sound of time left on this track, and all our yesterdays have lighted playlists.  The way to dusty vinyl.  Out! Out!  Skips and Scratches!  Radio is but a walking shadow on a CD player, that struts and sweats its funk upon the airwaves, and then signs off.  It is a show done by a DJ, full of stereo sound and frequency modulation, signifying eighty eighty point one.


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is a San Francisco institution. Establishing itself as a free festival has its perks… I mean for one, it’s free! But this festival also prides on having some of the most recognized acts not only in bluegrass but in indie and rock. This iconic festival will take place this weekend, October 5th through the 7th at Golden Gate Park. I cannot stress enough that this is a FREE festival and will feature some of the most amazing artists around. The schedule of bands is up on their website http://www.hardlystrictlybluegrass.com/#  If you do end up going to this wonderful event make sure to check these bands out: Elvis Costello, Ben Kweller, Jenny Lewis, Connor Oberst, The Chieftains, The Lumineers, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Head and the Heart, Seasick Steve, Robyn Hitchcock,  Emmylou Harris, The Civil Wars, and Patti Smith!


Loud Rock Charts: 10/2

School has officially started up again here at UCSC, and that means I’m  multi-tasking between classes, digging through the newest batch of Loud Rock sent to KZSC and trying to watch the NFL. Who would have thought the Arizona Cardinals would be 4-0 at this point? Here’s what should be in your ears during early October:

1 BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME The Parallax II: Future Sequence Metal Blade
2 CASPIAN Waking Season
4 GLAMOUR OF THE KILL Summoning eOne
5 JUDGEMENT DAY Polar Shift Minus Head


2 VISION OF DISORDER The Cursed Remain Cursed Candlelight
3 KATATONIA Dead End Kings Peaceville
4 AS I LAY DYING Awakened Metal Blade
5 CHARIOT One Wing eOne
6 GALLOWS Gallows Bridge 9
7 STOLEN BABIES Naught no comment
8 LAST VEGAS Bad Decisions FrostByte
9 I AM WAR Outlive You All Razor and Tie
10 HARM The Nine FrostByte