Thank You Based God

Concert review: Lil B at the Catalyst Atrium

To further put off studying for finals last friday, I attended one of Bay Area rapper Lil B The BasedGod’’s #veryrare concerts at The Catalyst. Well known in the Bay for his work in rap group The Pack (who opened for him), Lil B has reached a distinguished status in the rap game through his extensive online social media presence as well as his prolific free mixtape collection available on the web. Best known for his self invented musical subgenre basedmusic, Lil B continues to expand and innovate within the hiphop genre with his stream of consciousness lyrics and eccentric selection of beats.

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Gifelte Joe and the Fish vinyl

KZSC’s Muzikal Jewz presents… Hanukah Rocks!

Happy Hanukkah from DJ Oy-Dog and Muzikal Jewz.

This record is a classic from the early 80s by Gefilte Joe and the Fish, who were fronted by Rhino Records’ real-life co-founder Richard Foos (he also co-founded Shout! Factory). The group recorded as the Yiddish People during the disco craze, when they bastardized the Village People’s “Macho Man” with their novelty hit “Matzo Man.” That song is a staple on Muzikal Jewz. While “Hanukah Rocks” on this album isn’t their finest, it is so much fun to watch it spin round and round in all of its blue vinyl glory during the Festival of Lights!

Also, check out this amazing story  from the Gefilte Joe and the Fish record release party – Andy Kaufman steals the show! (via  Cigar Reviews by The Katman)

Happy Hanukkah,


The Birthday Massacre

Review of The Birthday Massacre’s “Superstition”

November 11th marked the sixth studio LP release of The Birthday Massacre’s “Superstition” through Metropolis Records. The Canadian synthrock band did not fail to impress with what they claim to be their best album yet. Superstition is ten track of beautifully executed vocals accompanied with upbeat yet dark instrumentals. Listening to the album in its entirety gives a feel of taking a journey through a haunting storybook tale. The euphoric yet melancholy back beats in sync with the sometimes sweet, sometimes dark vocals bring a natural progression throughout Superstition. It should also be noted that the stunning album art falls in line with The Birthday Massacre’s previous album’s artwork almost creating a cohesive timeline of their talent. The Birthday Massacre continue to evolve their sound while maintaining the qualities most unique to them, which can distinctly be heard in Superstition.

Here is the official music video for “Beyond” from Superstition:


New world charts-Beginning of December

The KZSC world department has got some great new Latin music! Plenty of cumbia with new music by Los Aguas Aguas at number one; as well as new electronic in both Latin and world jazz! Here’s the top 10 new tunes to listen for in world:

  1. LOS AGUAS AGUAS   -Two, Three Karate Moves   
  3. TINARIWEN   -Emmaar
  4. ANA TIJOUX   -Vengo
  5.  IREESH LAL   -Ethnotronica
  6.  SILVA   -Ocean View
  8. MARIACHI EL BRONX   -Mariachi El Bronx (III)   
  9. CECILIA NOEL   -Havana Rocks  
  10.  BARBRA STREISAND -Partners

RPM Charts – Beginning of December

Top 10:

1. LES SINS – Michael / Company
2. ARCA – Xen / Mute
3. BAAUER – Beta / LuckyMe
4. DORIAN CONCEPT – Joined Ends / Ninja Tune
5. MACHINEDRUM – Vapor City Archives / Ninja Tune
6. HUDSON MOHAWKE – Chimes [EP] / Warp
7. VARIOUS ARTISTS – 5oFoF: Five Years Of Friends Of Friends / Friends Of Friends
8. ODESZA – Say My Name Remixes / Self-Released
9. TEKLIFE – Next Life / Hyperdub
10. LEE BANNON – Main/Flex [EP] / Babygrande

Top 5 Adds:

1. BONOBO – Flashlight [EP] / Ninja Tune
2. PONY BWOY – Nar-ke / Self-Released
3. THE KNIFE – Shaken Up Versions / Mute
4. KID MOXIE – 1888 / Undo
5. ALISON WONDERLAND – Calm Down [EP] / Astralwerks

Hear a cut from Bonobo’s brand new EP, Flashlight, below:

Though it didn’t make our top 5 adds this week, LA producer AWE just released an excellent new single entitled “Griffin”; hear it below!

Dylan Music

Programmer of the Month: Dylan Music

This month’s Programmer of the Month is DJ Oy-Dog, AKA Dylan Music from the long-running program “Muzikal Jewz.”

Dylan started volunteering at KZSC when he was a senior at UCSC. Then in March of 2008, after completing the broadcasting class,  Dylan was inspired to start the show “Muzikal Jewz,” in order to “make people laugh, dance, cry, and experience Jewish music and culture in all of its forms.”

“It took about 4 hours of prep time per week at first. I started with three Jewish music CDs (Socalled’s “Ghettoblaster,” “Connie Francis Sing Jewish Favorites,” and Black Ox Orkestar’s “Ver Tanz”) and it exploded from there,” said Dylan (aka DJ Oy-Dog). The show has been a staff and audience favorite ever since.

After finishing his Master’s thesis “Beat me Rabbi Eight to the Bar” (about Yiddish swing Jazz life in the U.S. in the early 20th century) and graduating from the Literature Department in 2011, Dylan is now a community member at KZSC and still hosts “Muzikal Jewz” every Sunday from 4PM to 6PM.

A little-known trivia fact: In the summer of 2011, Dylan also created and hosted a show at KZSC called  “Christopher Tracy’s Parade,” which featured music by the purple paisley love god Prince, and his disciples.

Over the years Dylan has also been an 8-time student mentor and twice served in the KZSC program review committee. For his dedication and creativity KZSC declares Dylan Music “programmer of the month,” an honor only bestowed upon the most awesome of staff members!