A “Vacationer” Vacation In < 3 Minutes…

I’m making my way via automobile up to Oregon for a mini-vacation. Nothing too lavish—I’ll be gone less than a week and still be in a separate hemisphere than the Bahamas. But it’s just enough time to get away from that plague of the everyday here in Surf City, where others come to get away. If you haven’t had time to squeeze in any summer merriment yet this season, I have good news.   Vacationer, a Philadelphia-based dream pop band just dropped their new music video. The goods in question? A catchy little ditty called “Trip” is the bands first single. Vacationer partnered with self-proclaimed international community  Lomography, passionately dedicated to antique photography. The video was shot on Lomokino 35mm film. All you Instagrammers out there take heed: this gritty and fun (and grainy, saturated and gorgeous) old-school video makes you want to lay out in the sunshine with a retro bathing suit.


Ban College Football?

I recently heard a podcast on NPR’s Intelligence Squared regarding a ban on college football. I often overhear new students of UCSC talking about how they wish the university had a football team. I found it strange to hear it so often because one of the main things that attracted me to UCSC was the lack of a football team. This debate covers all bases and is definitely worth a watch.


Loud Rock Charts: 7/31

Apologies to the one or two people looking forward to the charts every week. I was out of town, and just got back. I arrive, however, with an interview with The Contortionist’s lead singer Jonathan Carpenter. Look forward to it in the coming weeks on the KZSC blogsite!

1 TESTAMENT Dark Roots Of Earth Nuclear Blast
2 GENTLEMAN’S PISTOLS Gentleman’s Pistols Metal Blade
3 CANDLELIGHT RED Demons [EP] Imagen
4 ATTIKA 7 Blood Of My Enemies Rocket Science
5 FIREBIRD Hot Wings Metal Blade



1 PERIPHERY  Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal Sumerian
2 CONTORTIONIST Intrinsic eOne
3 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
4 BONDED BY BLOOD Aftermath Earache
5 BARONESS Yellow And Green Relapse
6 WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel Metal Blade
7 FOR TODAY Immortal Artery
8 SAINT DIABLO Saint Diablo Eclipse
9 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers Eleven Seven
10 KING OF ASGARD …To North Metal Blade



KZSC Jazz Charts

What a summer for jazz, non stop incoming new music! It’s a good thing. Thanks to volunteer and future DJ Jamfrazi for helping the jazz department while your humble director is away. We will hit the ground running in September. Here is this week’s jazz charts.

Charts/Top 10

1 RAVI COLTRANE Spirit Fiction Blue Note
2 SARA GAZAREK Blossom And Bee Palmetto
3 STACEY KENT Dreamer In Concert Blue Note
6 DAVE MILLER TRIO Deed I Do Summit Records
7 DR. MICHAEL WHITE Adventures In New Orleans Jazz Part 2 Basin Street
9 SARAH ELGETI QUINTET Into The Open Your Favourite  Jazz
Aleks Girshevich Trio Tomorrow Dapper Music
Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day III Groov Marketing
Tyson Naylor Trio Kosmonauten Groov Marketing
Francois Houle  Genera Groov Marketing
Sumi Tonooka Now- Live at the Howland Braithwaite and Kats Communications
Joe Alterman Give Me the Simple Life Self Released
Martin Thomas Smyczek II Traffic in the Bedroom
Rebecca Sullivan  This Way, This Time Lisa Reedy Promotions
Bill Cantrall & Axiom Live at the Kitano Upswing Records

Loud Rock Charts: 7/17

Ever been immensely excited for an album but when it finally comes out, you’re disappointed by how it turned out? I know the feeling, trust me. This summer however I have not been disappointed by a single record, not even the new hyped-up Periphery album. This is seriously turning out to be one of the best summers for meta, in my honest opinion.
1 PERIPHERY  Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal Sumerian
2 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers Eleven Seven
3 WITCHCRAFT Witchcraft Metal Blade
4 DRUG CHURCH Drug Church No Sleep
5 FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS Wasted Youth Artery
1 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
2 CONTORTIONIST Intrinsic eOne

3 IHSAHN Eremita Candlelight
4 WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel Metal Blade
5 VINTERSORG Orkan Napalm
6 FOR TODAY Immortal Artery
7 DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora’s Pinata Sensory
8 WITCHSORROW God Curse Us Metal Blade
9 RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER Ghostmaker Candlelight
10 BONDED BY BLOOD Aftermath Earache

israeli flag

Weezer…in Hebrew!

It is very common for contemporary World Music artists to remake popular American songs while still staying true to their culture. With YouTube, it’s been easier than ever to find up-and-coming artists sharing their cultural talents in a more mainstream medium. The Sharon Holzman band is an example; they have covered Weezer’s classic hit “Say It Ain’t So” in their native tongue, Hebrew. In doing so, they have taken a song that has been played a seemingly infinite number of times on commercial radio over the past decade and have given it a refreshing twist. Check it out!