The Jazz Charts: 2nd week of April

It is my understanding that springtime is the best time to hear good jazz- and boy, is there plenty of it. Here’s just a few of the fine musical fruits that you can pick this Spring, and what’s been hot so far. How do you like them apples?

Top Ten Charts:

1    AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE    The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint    Blue Note
2    DAVID KRAKAUER    The Big Picture    Self-Released
3    BAD PLUS    The Rite Of Spring    Sony Masterworks
4    JEFF BALLARD TRIO    Time’s Tale    OKeh
5    SHAWN MAXWELL’S ALLIANCE    Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance    Chicago Sessions
6    KROM    Krom    Self-Released
7    RENE MARIE    I Wanna Be Evil: With Love To Eartha Kitt    Motema
8    SAM BOSHNACK QUINTET    Exploding Syndrome    Shnack
9    SNARKY PUPPY    We Like It Here
10    IAN CAREY AND BEN STOLOROW    Duocracy    Kabocha
Top Adds to KZSC Jazz:

riteofspring1    MARK EGAN    About Now    Wavetone
2    ZARA MCFARLANE    If You Knew Her    Brownswood
3    ZAN STEWART    The Street Is Making Music
4    PETE MCGUINNESS JAZZ ORCHESTRA    Strength In Numbers    Summit
5    BAD PLUS    The Rite Of Spring    Sony Masterworks

So, the irresistable jazz power trio The Bad Plus has come out with their latest album – The Rite of Spring, their rendition of a ballet composed by classical legend Igor Stravinsky. Did you know that the original performance of this piece caused a riot in Russia in 1913? Well, I guess folks just weren’t ready for such an intensity of sound at that time…But things are different now, The Bad Plus surely takes Stravinsky’s composition to a new level in this release. Check out the 2011 live debut of their arrangement below.



Evian Christ - Waterfall EP

RPM Charts – April 8th

Top 10:

1. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2. PANTHER GOD – Golden Changes / Outside
3. TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
4. EVIAN CHRIST – Waterfall [EP] / Tri Angle
5. S-TYPE – “Billboard (Lido Remix)” [Single] / LuckyMe
6. KELIS – Rumble And Breach Remix / Ninja Tune
7. ACTRESS – Ghettoville / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
8. LEE BANNON – Alternate/Endings / Ninja Tune
9. MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune
10. PATTEN – Estoile / Naiant Warp

Top 5 Adds:

1. PANTHER GOD – Golden Changes / Outside
2. HTRK – Psychic 9-5 Club / Ghostly International
3. KI:THEORY – Kitty Hawk Deluxe / Kringer
4. S-TYPE – “Billboard (Lido Remix)” [Single] / LuckyMe
5. TEEBS – Estara / Brainfeeder

You’ll definitely want to hear Lido’s take on “Billboard” by S-Type; this is Rocky taken to another level:

And you won’t be able to sit still when you hear Evian Christ’s Waterfall EP, out on Tri-Angle Records:

Kelis - Rumble

RPM Charts – April 1st

This is no joke! Top 10:

1. CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2. TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
3. THOMAS WHITE – Ariose [EP] / Paradisiaca
4. WAVE RACER – Streamers / Future Classic
5. GIGANTA – Force / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
6. LEE BANNON – Alternate/Endings / Ninja Tune
7. TYCHO – Awake / Ghostly International
8. ACTRESS – Ghettoville / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
9. PATTEN – Estoile Naiant / Warp
10. MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune

Top 5 Adds:

1. KI:THEORY – Kitty Hawk Deluxe / Kringer
2. MR. SCRUFF – “Render Me” [Single] / Ninja Tune
3. KELIS – Rumble And Breach Remix / Ninja Tune
4. SWEAT IT OUT –  Sweat It Out! Sampler / Sweat It Out

Breach’s remix of Kelis’s new single, “Rumble” just might scratch that itch you’ve been having for some bangin’ new house:

And I still can’t get enough of Conrad Clifton’s debut, “Picture In Picture”! Another great cut from the album:


Latest World Music

imageHow’s your spring break? If the pollen count and your allergies are keeping you inside, you can still sit back and travel the globe like a jet setter with new releases discovered by the KZSC World Music Department. Tops this week are the funky-jazzy Canadian group Souljazz Orchestra, traditional/original Nubian musicians Alsarah & The Nubatones, and Las Cafeteras’ self released album full of Afro-Mexican rhythms. Forget the pollen count; here’s the Top Ten Count of new World Music CDs:

5 JAMAZE Around The World
6 BEATS ANTIQUE A Thousand Faces, Act I
8 VAADAT CHARIGIM The World Is Well Lost

And if you’re looking for a strong dose of cumbia, check out this Oakland based group: LA MISA NEGRA “Misa de Medianoche”

Conrad Clifton - Picture In Picture

RPM Charts – March 25th

Top 10:

1 TENSNAKE – Glow / Astralwerks
2 CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
3 WAVE RACER – Streamers / Future Classic
4 ACTRESS – Ghettoville / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
5 PATTEN – Estoile Naiant / Warp
6 MACHINEDRUM – Fenris District [EP] / Ninja Tune
7 CASHMERE CAT – Wedding Bells [EP] / LuckyMe
8 DAVIDGE – Slo Light / The End 
9 SAINT TIIMBRE – Power / Little Friend
10 CHRIS MALINCHAK – So Good To Me [EP] / Self-Released

Top 5 Adds:

1 CONRAD CLIFTON – Picture In Picture / Self-Released
2 TYCHO – Awake / Ghostly
3 GIGANTA – Force / Werkdiscs-Ninja Tune
4 JACK BEATS – Beatbox [EP] / OWSLA
5 PANTHER GOD – Golden Changes / Outside

Below is one of my favorite tracks from NY producer Conrad Clifton’s trapped-out debut LP. Check out the album in it’s entirety on his Soundcloud as well, you will not be disappointed!

And here’s some new techno courtesy of Giganta and Werkdiscs:

Don’t forget to keep it tuned to 88.1FM! Happy listening!


Rock Charts – 25th of March

Top 10:

imgres1. NATURAL CHILD – Dancin’ With Wolves
2. ST. VINCENT – St. Vincent
3. AVA LUNA – Electric Balloon
4. BLACK LIPS – Underneath The Rainbow
5. JESUS SONS – Jesus Sons
7. PERFECT PUSSY – Say Yes To Love
8. WAR ON DRUGS – Lost In The Dream
9. WARM SODA – Young Reckless Hearts
10. NOTHING – Guilty Of Everything


Top 5 Adds:

images1. TYCHO – Awake
2. PURE X – Angel
3. S. CAREY – Range Of Light
4. OWLS – Two
5. BURNT ONES – Gift





I am loving the new Ava Luna album. It’s soooo groovy. It’s like Prince, the Talking Heads, and the Dirty Projectors all thrown into one amazing album. Here’s one of my favorite tracks called Crown. It’s got a great neo-soul kind of vibe.