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Postcards From The Edge

We asked fans of The Great 88 to send us a postcard while on summer vacation. The first batch included Kama’ole Beach in Maui, “Beer Mondays” from Portland and this gem from someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens while prospecting. If your summer plans call for travel anywhere between Los Gatos and the Galapagos Islands don’t forget to take your favorite station along by using our website or Smart Phone App. And before you’re transported beyond our solar system, please mail us a postcard. We’ll share your card and comments with others on our website.  Mail your postcards to:

KZSC/UC Santa Cruz – 1156 High Street – Santa Cruz, CA – 95064

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KZSC Summer Newsletter

Do you get teed off when your US Postal Carrier comes with nothing but junk? Here’s a way to avoid it and keep on par with The Great 88. No matter what email service you use, you can get instant updates about your favorite radio station by signing up for the KZSC Newsletter. Tens and tens of people are already finding out in advance what’s planned for The Great 88 this summer and fall including signal/program changes, new products, special events plus the juicy behind-the-microphone gossip. There’s zero spam and ways to win cool prizes in our email-only contests. Be linked to KZSC every month and join our mailing list. Just fill in your info at the bottom right of this page.


Cut That Out!

Listeners to The Great 88 have called recently to mention some signal reception problems. It’s not an issue with your new stereo or car radio-we’ve been having difficulty getting a continuous source of electrical power on the UCSC campus. Looks like this glitch will be licked sometime within the next week or so, but it’s nice to know you are paying attention. Stay tuned-KZSC will be broadcasting “electrical interruption free” soon. Thanks for staying in touch.


Change is in the Air!

Hi Everyone,

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time for the next generation of genre directors to take the reigns. My name is Nicholas (Nikki) Mokover, and I am currently interning with Jacqueline Culas for the Jazz and Blues Director position next year. I am very excited to join the KZSC Governing Board team, and look forward to taking the jazz and blues department to the next step. A little about me: I went to the L.A. County High School for the Arts where my concentration was in instrumental Jazz, and now am a second year banana slug. I hope to bring my knowledge of the complexities of jazz and share it with the community. Yes, jazz can be complicated at times, but I hope to make it understandable. I look forward to working with everyone here at the Great 88 and labels/promoters world wide.

KZSC Jazz/Blues