New World Charts- 2016!!!

El niño is approaching and KZSC has a storm of its own! Here are the new musical releases to look for as we enter the new year. Stay worldly. Jonny Greenwood/Shye Ben Tzur/Rajastahan Express-Junun Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Intercambio Karavan Sarai Project-Woven Landscapes Sanjay Chitale and Sandeep Chowta-American Pilgrimage Gayasi Ross-Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) Sean […]


A Floral review (playing Jan 7 in SF)

Nothing really says DIY like a good ol’ house show, and nothing says underground like bands that have forged their own distinct sound. I’d known Floral‘s guitarist since his punk rock days back when our bands were equally pissed off and equally terrible in that beautiful way that only punk is. What a few semesters at Berklee had done to him was simply mindblowing. With only a compressor to cut out feedback and static, his high treble tapping brought the room to a mathy frenzy. Fingers flashed and blurred. Feet flew over massive and elaborate pedalboards. Surely, math has never before been this rock. Or rock been this math. You know, whichever.


Dec 16: Paula Fuga & Anuhea At Moe’s Alley

Warm it up, Santa Cruz!  Welcome the Island sounds of Paula Fuga and Anuhea to Moe’s Alley Wednesday, December 16th at 8:30 pm. Paula has a truly exquisite voice and she uses her talents to be a cultural ambassador for her Hawaiian home and people. Anuhea, brings new reggae-tinged holiday music to the stage at Moe’s Alley. Get your Island sway going on, groove to the music and the rare treat of having these two talents together on the mainland.