Rock Charts – Early December

Top 10: 1. WHITE FENCE – Live In San Francisco 2. ARCADE FIRE – Reflektor 3. LA LUZ – It’s Alive 4. NIGHT BEATS – Sonic Bloom 5. DUCKTAILS – Wish Hotel [EP] 6. TENNIS – Small Sound [EP] 7. AUDACITY – Butter Knife 8. GROWLERS – Gilded Pleasures 9. CRYSTAL ANTLERS – Nothing Is […]


Early December’s Spins-RPM

Call it RPM, call it Electronic Music…whatever you call it, here’s what we’re calling early December’s Top 10: 1 M.I.A. Matangi N.E.E.T.-Interscope 2 MACHINEDRUM Vapor City Ninja Tune 3 LAUREL HALO Chance Of Rain Hyperdub 4 D33J Gravel Anticon 5 IMAMI Madhouse – EP Apothecary Compositions 6 GESAFFELSTEIN Aleph Bromance 7 CFCF Outside paper bag […]


Holiday Gift Tip: Don’t

If you’re thinking about getting someone a holiday sweater like this, we beg on their behalf that you reconsider. Look at it this way – it’s so pretty but it’s only available as a fashion statement one season out of four. Alternate idea? A hoodie from The Great 88. They’ll feel at ease inside a […]

hi bear nation

KZSC Off The Airwaves

Hibernation is an extended period of deep sleep, or torpor, that allows animals to survive winter extremes. KZSC is adopting this strategy as we make way for a New Year; in fact we’ve already starting gaining a few pounds…but that’s another story. Our transmitter tower site needs work, so to accommodate a crane coming in […]