TÜLIPS – KZSC Interviews

Tülips from way down south in Los Angeles just finished up a tour for their debut album “Doom and Bloom”. For their final date, we here at KZSC had the opportunity of asking them some questions about their noisy poppy sound and the LA scene in general. Also, apparently Hammer Pants are back in style here […]


Programmer of the Month: Aimdog Hamslice

Aimee Hamel, AKA Aimdog Hamslice, is October’s Programmer of the Month. Aimee created Country Fried and Irish Boyfriend.
She is currently interning at WAM (Women’s Audio Mission). WAM is the only non-profit recording studio in the world that was built and run by women. Less than 5% of people working in the audio industry are women, and WAM’s goal is to “change the face of sound.”


Loud Rock Charts – Third Week of November

Top Ten: 1 LEFTOVER CRACK Constructs of the State 2 KILLING JOKE Pylon 3 CHELSEA WOLFE Abyss 4 GRAVE BABIES Holographic Violence 5 ATOM AGE Hot Shame 6 TIMMY’S ORGANISM Heartless Heathen 7 GREYS Repulsion 8 USELESS EATERS Live In San Francisco 9 LOVE JUNKIES Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet 10 BATTLES La Di Da […]

Joojoo of Froth at the Crepe Place

KZSC Show Reviews: Froth

This past week, psychedelic/shoegaze band Froth made their way up to Santa Cruz to play a show at the Crepe Place. I’ve seen Froth once before down in Pomona and it was a spectacle to behold. The lighting, visuals, and fog was amazing to see onstage. The audience, primarily being from the LA and OC […]