Swing Makes You Happy final cover

Charts & Adds 3rd week of January

Hey everyone! Here are the recent adds and top ten of our jazz playlists at KZSC! The greatest radio station in the redwoods. Oh yeah. This album cover looks so fun. I could not resist. Go George. Adds: 1    CHARLES RUGGIERO    Boom Bang, Boom Bang!    Rondette Jazz 2    GEORGE GEE SWING ORCHESTRA    Swing Makes You […]

conrad clifton

RPM Charts – January

Top 10: 1. BONOBO – Flashlight [EP] / Ninja Tune 2. DORIAN CONCEPT – Joined Ends / Ninja Tune 3. LES SINS – Michael / Company 4. JAGA JAZZIST – ’94-’14 / Ninja Tune 5. TEKLIFE – Next Life / Hyperdub 6. ARCA – Xen / Mute 7. THE KNIFE – Shaken Up Versions / […]

Burnt Palms backstage

You Oughta Know: Burnt Palms

Burnt Palms is a bay-area surf punk trio hailing from the bay are and they are an artist that you oughta know. Their combination of the classic distorted guitars, fast drums, and perfect female lead vocals make for some of the best surf rock in the underground music scene in Northern California. They currently have […]

KZSCs new student programmers for Winter 2015!

Fresh Faces at KZSC

Congratulations to the newest staff members of KZSC! They’ve completed our rigorous training and their new shows are now debuting on our winter 2015 schedule. We can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with, and we’re sure you’ll love what they do on KZSC.

UC Santa Cruz students should contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jared, so you can join them. We offer a training class (for credit!) every quarter, and you can take it after you volunteer at the station for 20 hours.