ancient future

World Rhythms Workshop June 22

The Summer Equinox approaches. What better way to bring in the season than to make some music? Matthew Montfort of the world music group Ancient Future and author of “Ancient Traditions: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India” will present a world rhythm workshop Saturday afternoon June 22nd at Gryphon Strings. His […]


Not Fade Away

My two-year stint as KZSC’s music librarian is coming to an end this month. It has been a fascinating plunge into music of all kinds.  I am happy to say that Chris Jong is returning as librarian for the station in the coming year. Yours truly will still be around and in the trenches, separating […]


Psychic Summer

Would you like to see into the future? Let’s skip the clumsy conversation about your lost cat or car keys and get straight to important stuff-what’s going to be on KZSC this summer. We can tell you that The Great 88 will feature several new voices, others that will seem familiar and a string of […]