La Luz

Rock Charts Mid-August

Hey you! Check out some cool new tracks below and never stop listenin’ to The Great 88.1FM for your source of rad music, old & new. Top 10: Mac DeMarco – Another One La Luz – Weirdo Shrine Tame Impala – Currents Ducktails – St. Catherine Wilco – Star Wars Seapony – A Vision Novella […]


Loud Rock Charts – Second Week of August

Whew! It’s that time of the week again. Rest assured, the new releases gracing our air-room are as hot as the mid-August sun. Check ’em out! Top Ten: MUTOID MAN — Bleeder ARCHER — Culling the Weak HIGH ON FIRE — Luminiferous ANGRA — Secret Garden KORPIKLAANI — Noita KÄRBHOLZ — Karma DOG PARTY — Vol. 4 HO99O9 — Horrors of 1999 (EP) ANTI-FLAG — American Spring EMERGENCY GATE — Rewake Adds: […]


New World Charts- second week of August

Well it’s already August! Some kids are already heading off Back-to-School (because we all know this magic event deserves a hyphenated proper noun) and us on the quarter system are in the second half of our summer sessions. For driving those young-uns back to their playgrounds here’s some new world music just for you. New […]


Loud Rock Charts – First Week of August

Whether your August so far has been sleepy and warm, or a frenzied blur of summer school, it’s natural that you may be starting to tune most things out. But something something loud rock something something feel awesome! Something our DJs something something ROCKIN’ TRACKS. Check it out: Top Ten: SONICK PLAGUE — Sonick Plague DOG PARTY — Vol. 4 […]

Saul Williams. Photo by Piotr Wojnarski

Symbiosis Gathering Ticket Giveaway: Tune in this Week!

This time of year at KZSC, we have tickets to giveaway for some of the season’s best festivals. This week’s spotlight on-air ticket giveaway will be for Symbiosis Gathering, a multi-faceted lakeside music and arts festival bringing together some of the world’s top artists in house & techno, dubstep, trance, bass and electronica fusion including FourTet, […]