People You Should Know 4/21/11

Interview with Edric Sizemore inventor of the iSafebag about safety & his experience as an inventor.

Universal Grapevine 4/19/11

First half hour:

Mike Pappas discusses olives and vinegar

Second half hour:

Friend of the show Sandy Lydon discusses Santa Cruz City Council History and China & Tibet.

Closet Free Radio 4/18/11

GLBT News & Public Affairs

Conciliation Sunday 4/10/11

Host Kevin Spitzer begins or Sunday morning  programming with a connection of body, mind, spirit, and emotions with Conciliation Sunday.

Conciliation Sunday 4/17/11


Sessions 1 by  “Rick Hanson PhD” from talk called “Stress-Proof Your Brain” and session 2 of “Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD” called “Woman as Indestructable Tree of Life” from the talk “The Dangerous Old Woman”

Read poem by Batua Brinelle entitled “mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion”

People You Should Know 4/14/11

Interview with Kerry Kringer, founder of Save the Frogs, about restoration of habitat & what you can do to help.