Closet Free Radio 11/28/11

Kai and Richard talk about Barney Frank’s retirement, Harvey Milk’s assasination anniversary, Salvation Army, and LGBT people in military. 

Closet Free Radio 11/21/11

It’s Transgender Day of Rememberance, Kai and Richard talk news (Lawrence King Trial), community calendar and announcements.

Universal Grapevine 10/18/11

Guest: Joanne Linville discusses the topics of her book “Seven Steps to and Acting Craft.”

Universal Grapevine 10/1/11

Janice O’Driscoll and Pete Cullen talk with host Bruce Bratton about Santa Cruz Public Library and Friends of SC Public Libraries. Felicia Rice, director manager of Digital Arts and New Media Program at UCSC discusses her work.

Closet Free Radio 11/14/11

Kai and Richard talk about election results, Veteran’s Day, Dan Savage glitterbomb, and gay penguins.

Closet Free Radio 11/07/11

LGBTQ news and public affairs, calendar, and announcements.