Universal Grapevine 9/6/11

Bill Parkin, Mary James and Chad Davies talk land use regulation and the Jewel Theatre Company. 

Universal Grapevine 8/30/11

Dan Harder, Sara Wilbourne and Meg Dandow join Bruce Bratton for a discussion of the Santa Cruz City Museum and Tandy Beal’s “Hereafterhere” play. 

Universal Grapevine 8/23/11

Wilma Bonet talks the San Francisco mime troupe, and Susana Waddell discusses the Pajaro Valley Arts Council Show. 

Universal Grapevine 8/16/11

Rob Blitzer talks about the Blitzer Art Gallery, and Audrey Stanley discusses Shakespeare Santa Cruz. 

Closet Free Radio 10/10/11

Interview with Jana Marcus about the Bookshop Santa Cruz event in support of the book, “Transfigurations”. National coming out day events. LGBT public affairs, news and community calendar. 

Universal Grapevine 7/26/11

Sean Van Sommeran, Emily Glanville discuss Pelagic Shark research foundation; Save Our Shores