Jovanotti’s “Italia 1988-2012”: A 24-Year Retrospective

Through ATO Records, Italian singer-songwriter and rapper Lorenzo Cherubini, better known as Jovanotti, has finally issued his first U.S. release after over two decades of being in the business. This compilation album that includes the greatest hits of his career so far, aptly titled “Italia 1988-2012”. Initial tracks like “Con La Luce Negli Occhi” and “Sulla Frontiera” are very energetic and contribute to the album’s generally light-hearted feel. Meanwhile, other tracks like “Mi Fido Di Te” and “La Porta É Aperta” take it down a notch and show Jovanotti’s softer side, complete with acoustic guitars and even some backing vocals. With Jovanotti’s own nonchalant and distinct style of rapping in just about every track, this quasi-greatest-hits-collection is not to be missed.

The 50th Cabrillo Contemporary Music Festival

You only have less than 5 days to catch some of the “here and now” of contemporary works for Orchestra! The 50th Cabrillo Contemporary Music Festival is here again in Downtown Santa Cruz. Taking place through this upcoming Sunday August 12th, The Cabrillo Music Festival is bringing emerging composers as well as professional musicians and guest artists from across the world. Much of the music is not even one year old! Music critic Allan Ulrich spoke of the festival by saying, “…in the surf mecca of Santa Cruz, 75 miles south of San Francisco, the Cabrillo Festival has made the contemporary repertoire sound urgent, indispensable and even sexy.” So head on down to the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium to hear some fresh, beautiful, and even sexy orchestral pieces! There are even free open rehearsals perfect for dropping by anytime.

For more information or to purchase tickets, head on over to:


Universal Grapevine 08/07/12

Bruce has an interview with Denice Macy about Land of the Medicine Buddah as well as Joe Ferrard about “Atlantis Fantasyworld.”

Troubled Child to Olympic Gold Medalist: Interview With Audley Harrison

What separates an average athlete from an Olympic gold medalist?  A few extra hours spent in the gym or on the track?  Maybe a supportive family and coaching staff?  However, for British Heavyweight Champion Audley Harrison, in order to successfully win the gold medal in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, he had to overcome a lifetime of obstacles such as being raised in a broken home, getting expelled from two schools and serving time in a young offenders institution.

    Recently I had the honor of interviewing the British heavyweight champion, and Harrison shared his story about starting his amateur boxing career at 19, winning a gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and attempting to make a 2012 Redemption.  Harrison says, “When you look at my story it’s about resilience, redemption, overcoming adversity and finding a way to get it done no matter what.  A majority of the time in my career I have always been able to find the sunshine.”

After receiving a gold medal at the Olympics, Harrison went on to win national titles and major championships across the globe, despite his tumultuous past.  Ten years after starting his amateur career in London, England, Harrison led Team Britain to an Olympic gold in the heavyweight division at the 2000 Summer Olympics.  Harrison’s victory put Britain back on the map for boxing, as they had not won an Olympic gold for 32 years prior to Harrison’s win.

Although Harrison’s career hit many highs and lows after his gold medal victory in Sydney, today, the Olympic British boxing team can attribute their success to a man who got plenty of stick in boxing circles.  Tony Jeffries (member of triumphant British boxing team in Bejing) said, “It is thanks to Audley that Pricey (David Price), me, and the 2012 generation of boxers were able to get such good support for the toughest two weeks of our sporting lives.”  More than 9 million has been invested in amateur boxing in the lead-up to London.  It was Harrison who opened the cash tap for performance director Robert McCracken’s squad of seven men and three women in the Olympics.

Harrison’s accomplishments not only account to the success he has produced from winning a gold medal, but he also tops the charts for the heavyweight division with over 30 victories across the globe.  With fame and fortune, comes brutal criticism and negativity from the social media and the public; however, Harrison does not pay any attention to the words of others but rather focuses on himself and his own journey.  Harrison remarks, “Ultimately, the pathway that I am walking is my own and it is a path not walked by anyone else before.  I am living the life in the realtime.  It is not a boxing journey, but a life journey.”

Today, 12 years after winning the gold medal in Sydney, Harrison is ready for a 2012 Redemption and renewal of his professional boxing career.  On October 13th, Harrison will take on British heavyweight champion and 2008 Bronze Olympic Beijing medalist, David Price, in “The Battle of the Olympians” at Liverpool’s Echo Arena.  Harrison’s 2012 Redemption can be attributed to the complete 360 he has made and the “perfect” life he now leads: “My whole life now is perfect…and the last thing I need to fix is my career and that’s what’s going to happen on October 13th.”

From a troubled child to a heavyweight champion, Audley Harrison represents a true athlete who has overcome adversity in order to succeed: “I have always looked on the bright side of life.  Having a positive attitude, you can find your way out of no where.”

Tune in to Slug Talk on KZSC in the fall to hear a live interview with Harrison after “The Battle of the Olympians.”

Closet Free Radio 08/06/12

Kai and Richard continue talks about the Olympics and Chick Fil A, as well as other boycott movements concerning LGBTQ causes.

Loud Rock Charts: 8/6

Can you believe its August already? I can’t. I still feel like it’s June. Pretty soon, us UCSC students have to go back to the grind that is school. I am not looking forward to upper division math homework. It’s gonna be bröötal.

On a happier note, did anyone catch Usain Bolt’s insane run? Didn’t quite beat the world record this time, but he did get the olympic record (again). Oh and the gold. That man is crazy.


1 FORESHADOWING Second World Metal Blade
2 ROB ZOMBIE Mondo Sex Head UME-Geffen
3 DUST BOLT Violent Demolition Napalm
4 DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT  “Lucky Animals” [Single] InsideOut

5 FORSAKEN Beyond Redemption Massacre


1 PERIPHERY  Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal Sumerian
2 CONTORTIONIST Intrinsic eOne
3 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
4 HELLYEAH Band Of Brothers Eleven Seven
5 BARONESS Yellow And Green Relapse
6 BONDED BY BLOOD Aftermath Earache
7 KING OF ASGARD …To North Metal Blade
8 HONG KONG BLOOD OPERA Not For The Faint Of Heart Full Effect
9 WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel Metal Blade
10 SERJ TANKIAN Harakiri Reprise