Got Twink?

Like it or not, we are well into the age of digitally enhanced music.  There is no escape & resistance is futile.  Our only defense is to sort through the truly awful with great speed & alacrity.  But every now & then, you come across a little gem of digital virtuosity.  Such is the case with, “The Broken Record” (21 musical novelties), by Twink, the toy piano band!  Actually, Twink is the brainchild of Mike Langlie.  “The Broken Record” CD is hundreds of fragments of sound taken from hundreds of vintage children’s records all mixed together with new sound elements from Mr. Langlie.  The result will delight any child’s natural sense of fun while keeping an adult ear curious with its complexity, density & overlap of sound.  True, listening to this album is akin to drinking a highly caffeinated beverage, but I say, hats off to Twink, for using digital techniques to create a sonic work of art that puts a smile on your face.

Talkabout 09/19/12

John has Bob Darling and Tony Francis of Outrigger Santa Cruz on the show today. Also on the show is Nicki Zahm, director of the Food shed project as well as Doron Comenchero of Food, What?

Slugs Amongst Us…

Just like the swallows in Capistrano, the Slugs are making their slow, seasonal return to Santa Cruz. If your business would like to welcome back UCSC students, why not get the word out over our airwaves? KZSC Sponsorship Packages are available in many sizes; you can even order some mini-packages online. Find more info about how your business can partner with The Great 88 on our Sponsor Page and Welcome Back Slugs!

Webstream Fixed

On-line listeners to The Great 88 know we’ve been having some webstream problems lately, but everything looks like it’s back to normal now…whatever that is. Thank you to the many hands and minds who worked weekends and evenings to solve the leaks in our streams. If you are experiencing any new problems, please CONTACT US.

Loud Rock Charts: 9/18

Has anyone looked at the album releases on October 9th? Here’s a list of the bands that are releasing new albums on that Tuesday case you’re wondering: Deftones, Converge, Coheed and Cambria, Enslaved and of course Between the Buried and Me. That’s a pretty hefty line up. 

1 AS I LAY DYING “Cauterize” [Single] Metal Blade
2 DOWN Down IV Part 1: The Purple [EP] ILG
3 GRAVIATORS Evil Deeds Napalm
4 STOLEN BABIES Naught no comment


1 JUDAS PRIEST Screaming For Vengeance Legacy
3 FACELESS Autotheism Sumerian
4 KATATONIA Dead End Kings Peaceville
5 EX DEO  Caligvla Napalm
6 VISION OF DISORDER The Cursed Remain Cursed Candlelight
7 CHARIOT One Wing eOne
8 GALLOWS Gallows Bridge 9
9 LAST VEGAS Bad Decisions FrostByte
10 GYPSYHAWK Revelry And Resilience Metal Blade

Great 88 Oktoberfest!

Besides wolfing down the pretzels, bratwurst and beverages, KZSC celebrates the month of October as only we can-by changing our program schedule. Gone are the long summer days, the hours at the beach and sand fleas. Now come the early evenings, long pants and lederhosen plus new programs hosted by UCSC students. Yes, many of your old favorites will still pour out of the radio as well. To find out more, keep an eye on our website and an ear to The Great 88 as we toast our new Fall Program Schedule beginning Monday, October 8th. Cheers!