Our Sound, Our Fury

Today and Today and Today, sweeps in this pretty place, from hour to hour.  To the last sound of time left on this track, and all our yesterdays have lighted playlists.  The way to dusty vinyl.  Out! Out!  Skips and Scratches!  Radio is but a walking shadow on a CD player, that struts and sweats its funk upon the airwaves, and then signs off.  It is a show done by a DJ, full of stereo sound and frequency modulation, signifying eighty eighty point one.

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  1. Mariclare McKnight says:

    Woot Woot Sir Savage! Now light my ears to hear your tunes and tongue in Savage Bistros and on Camelback. Up and down the silk road, the scents and sensations roll me, roil me, unhinge my hinged mind from the monotony of dry bubblegum pop and deep I dive with you to the wet sodden sands of the sound masters.

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