Trick Or Mighty Treat

Just in time for Halloween, KZSC has carved out a fall program schedule. New shows that are scary good; old shows still hanging around as a treat. No tricks; just great, hand-made radio broadcasts home grown at UC Santa Cruz on The Great 88. Check our Program/Schedule page to peek at the week ahead or just tune in for surprises on The Great 88 every day.

Until the Quiet Comes

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a Flying Lotus fanatic (fan) so of course I am going to blog about his new album released this month entitled “Until the Quiet Comes.”

This album continues Lotus’ move away from a hip-hop beat base into more of a melodic focused sound while still managing to keep the hip-hop feel embedded in the music. In my experience, the albums that end up defining me never stick the first time. This album is no exception. It has taken a few listens but I have started to notice and appreciate the nuances and contrasts between the pieces.

I suggest first listening to the album in its entirety when focused on something else. “Until the Quiet Comes” is like “Cosmogramma” in that it is extremely important to listen to the songs in order and without interruption, there is so much from this album that cannot be captured without the transitions from track to track. After listening to the entire album passively, grab a nice pair of earbuds and lie in bed in a dark room and really focus on the sounds this time. A nice exercise is to try and identify all the different instruments or sounds featured in a track.

So go ahead. Give it a shot. It will be time well spent.




The Hellbillys October 7th

The genre is called “Psychobilly”, a heady mix of punk, rockabilly and the psych spirit. JJ Jenkins, Rockin Rick, Dan Watson and Scary, collectively known as the Hellbillys, have been on the Bay Area forefront of this scene since the late 1980’s. They’ve toured the world and have several popular CDs out but are best experience sweaty and in-person. Your chance comes Sunday, October 7th at the Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz. Doors open at 8:30 pm. Hayride to Hell and the Thirsty 3 open. Think of it as the first Halloween party of the season.

Our Sound, Our Fury

Today and Today and Today, sweeps in this pretty place, from hour to hour.  To the last sound of time left on this track, and all our yesterdays have lighted playlists.  The way to dusty vinyl.  Out! Out!  Skips and Scratches!  Radio is but a walking shadow on a CD player, that struts and sweats its funk upon the airwaves, and then signs off.  It is a show done by a DJ, full of stereo sound and frequency modulation, signifying eighty eighty point one.

Talkabout 10/03/12

Michael Bryant hosts this week’s Talkabout with Elliot Hazen, Assistant Researcher at UCSC discussing climate change. Also joining Michael is Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and Marine Science at UCSC, talking about earthquakes and Santa Cruz county. 


Universal Grapevine 10/02/12

On Universal Grapevine this week is  Susan Hillyard about a photo show at Louden Nelson Center; and with Bill Parkin about Safeway expansion in Aptos. Click the PLAY button to listen!