Tower Project

We’re a little busy at KZSC this weekend. We’ve got a tower project that, when completed, should provide a greater signal for The Great 88. In order to finish the job KZSC will be going off the airwaves during the morning of Saturday March 16th until about 4 pm. We will gradually return to our lush 20,000 watts at 88.1 FM by sometime on Sunday. If you suddenly discover KZSC on your radio for the first time, let us know. And if you happen to find our missing Caterpillar, we’d appreciate it back.

Programmer of the Month

Jacqueline Culas is your KZSC March Programmer of the month. Host of Sunday’s  “Spoonful of Blues” show since 2011, Jacqui previously co-hosted “The Blues Sisters” and a jazz program called “Time Machine” in 2010 while serving a term as The Great 88’s Jazz & Blues Director. Some of her other musical interests? TV on the Radio, Spoon and the Talking Heads. Jacqui Fun Fact: she speaks three languages. You can hear her show “Spoonful of Blues” in English Sundays at 6:30 PM on KZSC.

Talkabout 03/13/13

John has guests Katie Purcell, Harry Salzberg & John Fisher on local gun control issues as well as calls from listeners. 

Universal Grapevine 03/12/13

This week on Universal Grapevine Bruce has guest Annie Steinhardt on her book “Pele VooDoo,” also Linda Burman-Hall talks about the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival.

Loud Rock Charts: 3/12

Unfortunately, last week there as a mix up with KZSC’s CMJ subscription, hence the lack of charts and adds. With this week, however, KZSC is back in business, and boy what a week. This time around sees hard rock band Krokus release their 17th studio album. Yeah, you read that right. 17. As in the number after 16.

Also dropping is stoner metal outfit Orange Goblin’s first ever live release, which promises to appease fans for a short time until they come to your local town on their tour with Clutch.

1 KROKUS Dirty Dynamite
2 ORANGE GOBLIN A Eulogy For The Fans Candlelight
3 MORTILLERY Origin Of Extinction Napalm




soilwork-the-living-infinite1 SOILWORK The Living Infinite Nuclear Blast
2 SHAI HULUD Reach Beyond The Sun Metal Blade
3 SUFFOCATION Pinnacle Of Bedlam Nuclear Blast
4 HEAVEN’S BASEMENT Filthy Empire Red Bull
6 NEAERA Ours Is The Storm Metal Blade
7 PSYCHOTHERMIA Fall To The Rising Sun Self-Released
8 PISSED JEANS Honeys Sub Pop
9 BLACK DRAWING CHALKS No Dust Stuck On You Self-Released
10 DARKTHRONE The Underground Resistance Peaceville

Has College Radio Changed? [Part 2]

As a follow up to the recent Has College Radio Changed [Part 1] post, here’s an opportunity to see many of your favorite KZSC DJs explain how good music programming becomes gooder…or something like that. There are many epiphanies, thought-provoking comments, an ET and The Grateful Dead reference and yes, some non-FCC approved swearing, so be forewarned. Learn what it’s like on the other side of the microphone at the Great 88 in seven minutes.