Our New Spring Schedule

Everyone is waiting for KZSC’s spring program schedule – some more patiently than others. Starting mid-month you can set aside your own record collection and hear gypsy music, surf, blues, neo-classical polka and who knows what. Many of our regular shows that have become favorites are moving to new days and times. Have a favorite show you can’t do without? Leave your comments, wishes and dreams below. Our new program schedule begins Monday, April 15th.

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  1. Mo
    Mo says:

    Don’t move my Breakfast in Bed! Or my Wiki Wiki Wednesdays (Wiki Wiki Tuesday? Just doesn’t sound right…) and I’ll take my Maxwells Electronics whenever I can get it. 😉

    • Michael Bryant
      Michael Bryant says:

      Dear Mo,
      Both your favorites “Breakfast in Bed” Sunday mornings and “Wiki Wiki Wednesday” are staying put…thanks for your feedback.

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