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If you listen to KZSC weekday mornings, you know we serve up a big gulp of hot music to start your day. We also feature a news update from KPFA/Pacifica at 8 AM. Our question: would you rather NOT hear the morning news updates at 8 AM? Do you like hearing what’s going on in the world during your morning music? Read what others have said and leave a comment of your own below.

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  1. Joanne Kelly says:

    I have stiil not recovered from the loss of the news at 7 a.m. Now you want to do away with the 8 a.m. news. Please don’t. Please, please, please keep the 8 a.m. news and restore the 7 a.m. news. Thank you.

  2. Michael Bryant says:

    KZSC is only asking for “listener feedback”; we have made no decision regarding adding/removing KPFA news. The loss of the M-F 7 AM news was not KZSC’s choice; this was done by Pacifica/KPFA…we cannot continue offering something that does not exist. Your opinion seems crystal clear; some of our listeners are in agreement, some are not. FYI, KPFA is also hoping to have their own frequency in Santa Cruz sometime in the near future…we are working with them to help facilitate this.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Michael Bryant says:

    Thank you Mirani. Also thanks to Josh in Santa Cruz and Bill in Santa Cruz who called in this morning to agree with you regarding KPFA Morning News updates.

  4. Fiddler Mikey says:

    My son and I love the music programs in the morning and he tunes out at the news…I love the news segments but don’t necessarily need them at the top of the hour.

  5. Millan says:

    KPFA is a good source for news and information. There’s nothing wrong with this sprinkling in the morning.

  6. Emily Warmedahl says:

    Faithful KZSC morning listener and huge supporter of the KPFA news! Please keep the KPFA news streaming at the 8 a.m. hour, it is an invaluable source of news (I also tune in at 6 pm to kzsc to hear the kpfa news as it is a reliable re-cap of daily national and worldwide news). Keep up the great programming and variety KZSC has always offered.

  7. Jeff Larson says:

    News is available elsewhere if people wish to take the time to seek it out. I’ll be happy to have the Beatles,the blues and Wiki Wiki uninterrupted!

  8. ysk says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but there is another local station that NPR new till 9 am Monday – Friday and lets not forget, music soothes the savage beast!

    More music less talk.

  9. Michael Bryant says:

    I think you mean NPR news being aired on weekday mornings…KUSP (Santa Cruz) and KAZU (Monterey/Pacific Grove) are both NPR affiliates; they both air the NPR network news in the mornings. KZSC airs a local newscast from KPFA/Berkeley, a Pacifica affiliate. A different perspective than NPR.

  10. Gary Wilens says:

    Please continue to air the brief yet informative KPFA Morning News updates. That way I won’t have to change my dial at 8:00 a.m. to get a news update on another station. Thank you!

  11. Barry Bob Antler says:

    Even though I’m now living within earshot of KPFA, I am still an AVID listener to the Great 88.1 on my computer.
    I feel Pacifica (along with Democracy Now) is one of the best news sources available. I too am a BIG believer in LIVE music programing (I actually protested out in front of KUSP when they were going the way of NPR), but I also know just how important it is to stay informed.
    Please, please, please, Mama don’t take my 8 a.m. Pacifica news away!

  12. Jeff Larson says:

    I think the news breaks up the continuity of the show and would prefer not to have it.Thanks for the opportunity to chime in on the matter.

  13. queenofradreallm says:

    I do enjoy the Kpfa news, but feel i can get all the news and more on other stations. The few minutes you transmit in the morning is merely a tease anyhow. I would enjoy listening to music for my commute in the morning.

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