Interview with Katherine from Mystic Roots Band

Check out this interview I had with Katherine Ramirez of Mystic Roots Band. They will be performing THIS weekend at Reggae in the Hills Music Festival out in Angels Camp, CA. Their new album Campfire came out tuesday June 4th. This is volume one of a two part album so keep your ears tuned for the second half coming out this september.

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  1. Jon David says:

    I just saw/heard Mystic Roots last night in Chico. I enjoyed their musical talents but was confused by one song which included the famous Bible verse John – 3:16.I couldn’t understand most of the song’s lyrics, (nor the other songs’) but the famous Verse jumped out and grabbed my ears. I’m curious to know if this band is a Christian crossover reaching into the Reggae audience or was the quote used as an example of Mainstream Christianity being judgemental and prejudiced against typical “Happy” Reggae-like “free thinkers”, or what?

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