Porter College student Annais Rittenberg joined The Great 88 as program host of “Cajun Spice”, a program devoted to the sounds of New Orleans back in 2010. Her passion for music from other cultures quickly led to serving a term as KZSC’s World Music Director and hosting another show “Global Grooves”. She was a bright spirit with lots to offer new volunteers when they came to the station. Annais passed away July 3rd while working as a children’s summer camp counselor. It’s a great loss to our staff and our listening audience. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

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  1. Stuart Clark
    Stuart Clark says:

    I love KZSC! I am a campus bus driver for TAPS and almost half the time have my radio tuned to the great 88! I was disappointed recently when I went up there to try to see if I could volunteer and maybe learn how to DJ and they told me that the station was supposed to be run by a majority of students, tho you do have community and staff people there. They told me I would have a better chance of volunteering at KUSP. I felt a little un-welcome. oh well…I still love KZSC!

    • Michael Bryant
      Michael Bryant says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for loving The Great 88. UCSC is working on some new overall guidelines for non-student volunteers on campus-whether it be the Arboretum, Library or KZSC. Once UCSC has these established, KZSC will be allowing new community members to apply for volunteer status. We all must remember that we’re here on the University campus to serve students; great students like Annais.

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