The ‘Adrian Peterson Effect’ & Basketball

Hey sports fans, I want to talk about the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury. What used to be one of the most dreaded injuries that could befall a professional sports player has in recent years been viewed as considerably less serious than it used to be. Athletes are returning faster than ever from this debilitating injury. Example: Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson who, the year before last, suffered a catastrophic ACL/MCL injury but returned for an MVP season the next year. So why doesn’t the Adrian Peterson effect carry over to basketball? NBA players seem tentative at best regarding the issue of returning from injury, Kobe Bryant notwithstanding. Derrick Rose, who tore his ACL in the 2011-12 playoffs, effectively eliminated the #1 seeded Bulls from contention. Rajon Rondo has been hinting at returning early but the Celtics might opt to keep him out until he’s completely healthy. What do you think sports fans? Why aren’t basketball players rushing back onto the court like football players to the field? We’ll talk about this and of course NCAA sports when Slugtalk returns to KZSC Fridays from 5-6 pm this fall.

Zombie Bash Oct. 26th

Halloween has always been like New Years, Christmas and your birthday celebration all at once in Santa Cruz. Celebrated like no other event, the bonus in 2013 is there’s a weekend before AND after October 31st. Try this for starters: a night of undead rocking to DJ Frank Zummo and a performance by Street Drum Corps’ Blood Drums during “Zombie Bash” Saturday, October 26th.  The pre-Halloween party includes creepy costume contests with cash prizes, photo booths, zombie drink specials and undead delicacies available until 1 AM. Needless to say, leave the under 21 zombies at home. The “Zombie Bash” starts at 8:30 pm at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk’s Cocoanut Grove Ballroom. More good news for zombies: it won’t cost and arm and a leg!

New Program Schedule

No need for extra sensory powers to know that The Great 88 will be have a new program line-up this fall; we do it every year. The changes will begin on Monday, October 14th. To get the latest info on what’s new, keep an eye on our website and KZSC’s Instagram updates!


That’s right lovely listeners, you wouldn’t believe it but many UCSC students and KZSC DJs have begun their last year as undergraduate banana slugs. Commonly, I like to write a blog about a new fun event or cool artist that makes me smile, however this time I’d like to take a more personal approach. Before I begin, let me set the scene for you *ahem*

It is a gorgeous Santa Cruz early morning (2 am to be exact) in UCSC’s upper campus. The Violent Femmes scream soothing words of wisdom from ‘Add It Up’ into my distracted mind as my feet scrap methodically across the redwood underbrush. A cigarette dangles loosely from my fingertips, lit only minutes ago from the pilot light of my stove as I ran quickly to the woods for clarity. What has led this commonly sound of mind young heroine to stumble off in such a dramatic fashion? Did a spurned partner say something cruel? Did a close friend decided to move half way across the country? Did the drive thru clerk at McDonalds give her diet coke instead of regular? No dear friends, she was instead struck painfully by the first pangs of graduation anxiety (G.A.). She had her brand spakin’ new future laid out and glowing. It had always held the promise of reward for the past +4 years of academics and odd jobs she had happily endured, but one phone call had dashed it all to dim fluorescent scraps. She was told her dream needed to be, in a sense, ‘demoted’ in order to compensate for her academic achievements. I will not put solid numbers on the young lady’s accomplishments but let’s just say she has enough confidence, drive, and worldly experience to more than makeup for her ‘drawbacks.’ Normally this saucy minx would have told the bearer of bad news to go to hell (in nice terms of course), but the trouble is the information was personally delivered by the head of admissions themselves. What is this educated fledgling now supposed to do? Probably light another cigarette, walk another mile, listen to another song, admire the coming of a new day and smile in spite of everything. I know this sounds cliché, but life needs to suck sometimes for you to appreciate what you have. Sure, my old plans have been scattered to the wind yet a million more pieces of paper are awaiting my ink and my devotion.  What will I do? What will I write? What will I become?  You know what? It’s okay that I don’t know. With the sun slowly bathing my vision with soft pinks and gold, I if find it hard to recall the anxiety that sent me here. Instead, I’ll make a toast to the world and all those within it, ‘It’s okay to be lost, it’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to be unsure, and it’s okay to fail! As long as the simple beauty in this world can cause a smile to play upon your lips, you are exactly where you need to be!’  This may be my last year, but I am certainly going to make it count!

John Lennon Oct. 10th

Imagine this: John Lennon would be 73 on his birthday October 9th. Drew Harrison, the gifted leader of the musically remarkable and very popular The Beatles tribute band The Sun Kings, will present an evening of John Lennon’s music as a belated birthday celebration at Don Quixote’s in Felton. His solo ‘In The Spirit of Lennon’ musical show takes place October 10th. Showtime is 7:30 pm.

Loud Rock Charts: First Charts for LOUDROCKTOBER

If you missed our #1 Loud Rock band, The Safety Fire, this past Monday, you are doing yourself a disservice. They are one of the best upcoming progressive metal bands currently out there, and they have a freaking british accent. What’s not to love?!


  1. SCAR THE MARTYR Scar The Martyr Roadrunner
  2. SOULFLY Savages Nuclear Blast
  3. FATES WARNING Darkness In A Different Light Inside Out
  4. BROKEN HOPE Omen Of Disease Century Media
  5. HORISONT Time Warriors Metal Blade



  1. SAFETY FIRE Mouth Of Swords InsideOut
  2. AVENGED SEVENFOLD Hail To The King Warner Brothers
  3. DEVILDRIVER Winter Kills Napalm
  4. TYR Valkyrja Metal Blade
  5. CARCASS Surgical Steel Nuclear Blast
  6. GWAR Battle Maximus Metal Blade
  7. AMERICAN SHARKS American Sharks The End
  8. DEVIL WEARS PRADA 8:18 Roadrunner
  9. WOOD SHAMPOO Crack, Crack Heart Attack Missing Sock
  10. CROSSFAITH Apocalyze The End