Rock Charts – LAST OF THE YEAR!!!!!! WOO!

Top 10:

La-Luz-Its-Alive-77644_250x2501. LA LUZ – It’s Alive
2. SWEARIN’ – Surfing Strange
3. BLOOD ORANGE – Cupid Deluxe
4. WHITE FENCE – Live In San Francisco
5. ARCADE FIRE – Reflektor
6. FUZZ – Fuzz
7. NIGHT BEATS – Sonic Bloom
8. GAP DREAM – Shine Your Light
9. TENNIS – Small Sound [EP]
10. AUDACITY – Butter Knife



Top Adds:

imgres-11. FLUME AND CHET FAKER – Lockjaw
2. JESUS SONS – “Who’s Around” [Single]







Swearin’ is awesome. Their new album Surfing Strange did really well with us this week. Here’s the video for the album’s opening track, Dust In The Gold Sack:

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