Mid-Jazzuary Music Charts


I hope your new year is off to a good roll, and I know we’re all looking forward to the good things ahead! Speaking of, here’s whats happening in the Jazz department at KZSC:

1    CECILE MCLORIN SALVANT    WomanChild    Mack Ave.
2    DAVID BECKER TRIBUNE    Distance Travel    Acoustic Music
4    KENNY GARRETT    Pushing The World Away    Mack Avenue
5    PHIL WOODS AND THE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA    New Celebration    Chiaroscuro
6    SERGIO GALVAO    Phantom Fish    Pimenta
7    JOHN CLAYTON    Parlor Series    Self-Released
8    TED BRANCATO    The Next Step
9    DIANE HUBKA    West Coast Strings    SSJ
10    BOBBY WATSON    Check Cashing Day    Lafiya

1    MATT RENZI    Rise And Shine    Three P’s
2    CHARLES BOLES QUARTET    Blue Continuum    Detroit Music Factory
3    JACQUES LESURE    When She Smiles    WJ3
4    STEVE TRESELER    Center Song    CMA
5    HERB SILVERSTEIN    Monday Morning    Self-Released


Rock Charts – Second Week of Jan.

Top 10:

mx6Fi8bGNpbuxV01EYV51eg1. THEE OH SEES – Singles Collection, Volume 3
2. BLOOD ORANGE – Cupid Deluxe
3. SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS – Give The People What They Want
4. ARCADE FIRE – Reflektor
5. CHEAP TIME – Exit Smiles
6. THE GORIES – The Shaw Tapes: Live From 1988
7. FUZZ – Live In San Francisco
8. DESTROYER – Five Spanish Songs
10. WHITE FENCE – Live In San Francisco



Top Adds:

imgres1. PAINTED PALMS – Forever
2. DAMIEN JURADO – Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
4. BOY AND BEAR – Harlequin Dream
5. TOY – Join The Dots





I’m so excited about the new Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings album. Last week they were the top added album both nationally and here at KZSC!!!!!!!

To be Mediocre or to be God-Awful

Hey basketball fans, (is this getting old?)

A big trade just went down on January 6th, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers are trading former all-star center Andrew Bynum, who is expected to be waived, and three draft picks (plus the right to trade with Cleveland’s first rounder) to the Chicago Bulls for veteran forward Luol Deng, who rejected a three-year $30 million dollar contract extension from the Bulls the week before.

The argument goes that in the NBA “It’s better to be awful than it is to be mediocre.” Were the Bulls to keep Deng this season, they could have contended for maybe the 7th or 8th seed at best and been beaten by either the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat, two teams with championship aspirations and the rosters to match them, this season. With this move, the Bulls place themselves in a position not only to afford better players in the future but also frankly it worsens their team, increasing its chances to lose and get a better position in the 2014 draft lottery where the crown prize Kansas’s Andrew Wiggins could be waiting.

So what do you think? Would you rather your team be an “okay” team that limps into the playoffs before being finished off by a clearly better team, just to see them play? Or would you rather they play to lose so they can be in a better position to improve via the draft?

Loud Rock Charts January 14th


1    IMPENDING DOOM    Death Will Reign    eOne
2    NEGATIVE SKY    Death Of The Sun    Zenergy
3    LORDS OF RUIN    Life Is A War [EP]    1605
4    LEGION OF THE DAMNED    Ravenous Plague    Napalm
5    EVERY MAN IS AN ISLAND    Beyond    Norcal
6    DIAMOND PLATE    Pulse    Century Media-Earache
7    ICELAND    Iceland    Glacier
8    ATOM STRANGE    The Lost Cosmonauts    RayGun
9    AFTER THE BURIAL    Wolves Within    Sumerian
10    NORTHLANE    Singularity    UNFD



1    RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA    The Fire Inside    Major
2    SKULL FIST    Chasing The Dream    Napalm-Noise Art
3    PSYCHOSTICK    “Obey The Beard” [Single]    Rock Ridge
4    THROWDOWN    Intolerance    eOne
5    DE LA TIERRA    De La Tierra    Roadrunner

Happy New Ear!

What shock to the system for the station to be off the air at the end of 2013 for some tower maintenance. We lost track of how many people asked us why they could not get the great 88 tuned in, at home, at work or in their car. It was nice to be missed during the short break in programming. KZSC is glad to be part of the daily life of  so many listeners in the Monterey Bay area and beyond. Our DJs are back on the air 18 hours a day, and the robot waits patiently for its graveyard shift. Your 2014 radio will be sounding just fine on the left-hand side of the dial. Death to dead air! Long live the new ear!

Can Do Attitude: Forty Years Later, Future Days Still Shines

The year is 1973, and five German musicians, some former students of avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, at least one found on a street corner, picked up at the last minute to sing at a show that night. These musicians make up Can, the perpetually-ahead-of-their-time group whose music has stood as a shining example of artistry and the power of musicianship to create something wholly unique. Where Can’s previous three albums – the brilliantly shambolic Monster Movie, the wild and jammy Tago Mago, and the frenetic, minimalist funk of Ege Bamyasi – were delirious exercises in the music’s monolithic power, for their fourth album (and final album with vocalist Damo Suzuki), Future Days, the band took possibly the most surprising left turn they could: they mellowed out. Where many groups might have lost their spark in these circumstances, Can were able to gracefully adapt their sound into a proto-ambient mix of mellow guitars, swirling keyboards, siren-call vocals, warm bass, and the best drumming you will ever hear. From the opening track (also the title track), with its vocals like a beam from a heaven where the angels drop acid, all the way through the final monumental twenty minutes of “Bel Air”, Future Days ebbs like transmissions from the depths of the ocean, interstellar whale songs holding the secrets to the universe. Four decades later, the album still sounds fresh, and is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the band. Listen to each of the four songs below, and bask in the sweet glow of Can.

“Future Days”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXX5-p6sUwI

“Spray”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7za3-tbYtPU

“Moonshake”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZUCxG3I01I

“Bel Air”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGQKGpjl1Fg