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We say farewell this month to KZSC’s longest-serving (suffering?) Broadcast Advisor and host of our Thursday morning Beatles show, Michael Bryant. Michael started at The Great 88 in 2001 and helped move us into the Millennium with technical changes such as bumping the signal up to 20,000 watts, station remodels, a new air studio, webstreaming, social media and mobile apps. In 2007, he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Division of Social Sciences. This began an era of offering an academic course to educate UCSC students in broadcast media. During his tenure, KZSC was also named, “The Most Listened-To College Radio Station” by the website Back to The Beatles: when Dan Morookian (aka DJ Apple) moved away, Michael became the regular host of Dan’s show, “Here, There and Everywhere” in 2010. Like the name of the show, that’s what his retirement will be. Travel well and often Michael.

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  1. Dianne Yost says:

    Thank you Michael for all the Thursday mornings and good luck in all you do! And dj Prudence… you’ll do just fine and I’m looking forward to your shows on future Thu

  2. Philly Jeff says:

    Ditto to what Dianne said. Always an honor and privilege. Thanks for making The Great 88 even Greater. You got some great folks up there in the Redwoods and you will be missed…See you on the Radio…

  3. Chris Kenney says:

    Mahalo Nui, Mikala, for making the 88 Great and bringing ikaika loa (high-power) Hawaiian music to the Monterey Bay (& the world) with the one and only Wiki Wiki Wednesday! Malama Pono ‘Oe, Chris

  4. J. William Peironnet says:


    How dare you leave the show! I was just going to drop you a postcard letting you know that I was probably the only one on earth who heard you slip in a few seconds of the Rutles ‘Cheese & Onions’ a few weeks ago. Also, ‘It’s All Too Much’ two weeks ago, great choice as a closer – as I left the driveway, shaking my car down to the differential.

    Regarding your color smackdown, here is what I have come up with (depending on whether you count ‘blue(s)’ as a noun or adjective):
    Old Brown Shoe
    Yellow Submarine
    Red Sails in the Sunset
    For you Blue
    Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    Ruby Baby (Cavern Club?)
    Blue Jay Way
    Yer Blues
    Blue Suede Shoes (‘Blue Suede Shubert- – Rutles)
    Watching Rainbows

    On the Keller-Williams paint chart:
    Mean Mr. Mustard
    Taste of Honey

    For extra credit:
    White Album
    Red Album
    Blue Album
    Psychedelic Album (various)

    Who else is going to give me this sort of homework? How dare you leave the show!

    Best regards; let us know how you can be reached outside of the station,
    J. William Peironnet, wife & squirts

  5. Michael Bryant says:

    Ha! Glad to leave you with a “class project”…your color analysis goes well with our Beatles play-by-play on Thursdays. Please be sure to share your family’s excellent knowledge with DJ Prudence during “Here, There and Everywhere” this summer.

  6. Carol Riewe says:

    Who else is going to give me grief for playing The Beatles on The Test of Time. How dare I when we have a dedicated show. Right?

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