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Loud Rock Charts – Second Week of September

If today’s weather was any indication, the summer sun is receding in favor of autumn fog and drizzle. Though the weather may be (hopefully?) getting cooler, the tracks our DJs are spinning are still hot as ever! Top Ten: AHAB — The Boats of the Glen Carrig REANIMATOR — Horns Up WORRIERS — Imaginary Life KINGS DESTROY — Kings […]

Loud Rock Charts – Last Week of August

Phew! The end of summer is in sight, and the dawn of a new school year is draws nigh. But KZSC’s dedication to bringing you brutal, thrashy, turn-the-speakers-up-and-melt-your-face-off tracks is like a snake made of airwaves that is constantly eating its own tail as it hurtles through the infinite void of space–it never ends! Check […]

Loud Rock Charts – Third Week of August

KZSC is your one-stop shop for goth, metal, and punk rock! Check it: Top Ten: ARCHER — Culling the Weak DELETIST — 3rd Class Cover Song DOG PARTY — Vol. 4 MUTOID MAN — Bleeder KORPIKLAANI — Noita HIGH ON FIRE — Luminiferous SONICK PLAGUE — Sonick Plague WORRIERS — Imaginary Life GRAVE BABIES — Holographic Violence HIBRIA — Hibria Adds: RIWEN […]

Loud Rock Charts – Second Week of August

Whew! It’s that time of the week again. Rest assured, the new releases gracing our air-room are as hot as the mid-August sun. Check ’em out! Top Ten: MUTOID MAN — Bleeder ARCHER — Culling the Weak HIGH ON FIRE — Luminiferous ANGRA — Secret Garden KORPIKLAANI — Noita KÄRBHOLZ — Karma DOG PARTY — Vol. 4 HO99O9 — Horrors of 1999 (EP) ANTI-FLAG — American Spring EMERGENCY GATE — Rewake Adds: […]

Loud Rock Charts – First Week of August

Whether your August so far has been sleepy and warm, or a frenzied blur of summer school, it’s natural that you may be starting to tune most things out. But something something loud rock something something feel awesome! Something our DJs something something ROCKIN’ TRACKS. Check it out: Top Ten: SONICK PLAGUE — Sonick Plague DOG PARTY — Vol. 4 […]

Loud Rock Charts – Last Week of July

It’s the second week of the second summer session, and some exhausted students may be regretting signing up for classes that are hurtling along at a break-neck pace. But at least our DJs are playing choice tracks that would tickle anyone’s fancy–whether they be taking classes, enjoying summer break, or otherwise! Top Ten: DOG PARTY  –  Vol […]