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DJ Hari’s Dead, a Playlist Inspired by Goth

Tuesday, May 22 marked World Goth Day, and although that was over two weeks ago, it’s all I could listen to for over two weeks. To many people “goth” may mean dark clothes and the Hot Topic at your local mall, but here at KZSC, goth means more than that. When we think of goth, […]

Your guide to new DJs on KZSC

Spring has sprung and we’re two weeks into our new schedule with fresh faces (or voices) on KZSC. Here’s a guide to some new DJs on air this season. DJ Mood Ring on Moody Classics There are many artists considered to be trendsetters both emotionally and sonically. These artists are spotlighted on Moody Classics, where […]

DJ Hari remembers Carl Kasell

I remember the car rides to my grandmother’s house every Sunday. At 11 am, my father would always turn the radio on, turning the dial until it reached 89.3, KPCC, one of the NPR affiliates in Los Angeles. A low baritone voice would always blare over old-fashioned radio news jingles. “From NPR, and WBEZ in […]