Father John Misty: KZSC Show Reviews

Father John Misty put on an absolutely awe inspiring performance for the Oakland crowd on the second and final night of his 2 night stint at the Fox Theater. The man oozed charisma as he absolutely owned every inch of the stage. His mannerisms drew back to vintage rock and roll as he strut like a 6ft plus bearded hybrid of Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison with more passion in his voice and lyrics. He really allowed himself to feel the music as he danced, sang, and at times threw himself wildly around the stage. He even had a moment where he got a bit too into the moment and fell face first from his bass drum as the mic loudly smacked the stage. He showed his ironic sense of humor when he drew back to this moment in one of his sparse talk break. He stated “as I felt myself falling from that bass drum all I could think was ‘why was I drunk in the parking lot of an Embassy Suites at 7 am?” He showed more of his deadpan comedic stylings when he recalled an embarrassing moment. He had been asked if he was the frontman for the counting crows, and soon realized the fan must have meant Chris Robinson from the black crowes. That was “the worst moment of (his) life.”

The stage lighting was extremely theatrical. The lighting effectively portrayed the tone of each song whether it was a single spotlight for heartfelt ballads like “bored in the USA,” soft pink mood lighting for “true affection,” or colorful strobe backlighting for heavier tracks like “ideal husband.” He managed to squeeze about 20 songs into his setlist playing nearly every track off his 2 album discography and even squeezing a cover of Rihanna’s “kiss it better” into his encore. Perhaps the most impressive part of the show was the way he managed to create a grand spectacle, but also make it feel like a very intimate experience.

The Village, Lightning in a Bottle’s Sacred Environment, Announces Theme and Workshops

In celebration of the earth and to inspire humanity to reconnect within, Do LaB proudly unveils the 2016 theme, presenters, workshops and offerings for Lightning in a Bottle’s micro-environment and sacred epicenter, The Village. Built around a beautiful Grandmother Oak, paying homage to its 2016 theme, “Tree of Life”, The Village will give attendees a unique opportunity to learn by doing, develop hands on skills and discover what it takes to create and sustain a living Village together as a community.

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Pell: KZSC Show Reviews

Arriving at the Catalyst Monday night, a place I have struggled for air let alone space to dance, I was thankful to see a moderate sized turn out. The venue took on a new atmosphere with the comfortable not compacted situation. The few that did make it to the show were obvious die-hard fans and for good reason.

Originally from New Orleans and a Hurricane Katrina survivor, Pell is not the typical sound we hear coming out of that region. He works with more electronic beats switching vocally, as he says, from “affectionate wordsmith to hook-smashing crooner”. He comes across aggressive not because of a violent nature but because of the strength in his intelligent, passionate statements line after line. Pushing the boundaries of the current popular trap / dubby sound, Pell’s foundation is more rhythmic and more ambient. This new trip-pop dreamscape to sonics of rap had the crowd floating.

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Wobbleland: San Jose Comes To Life Under The City National Civic

February 26th and 27th, marked another successful year for the Bay Area concert Wobbleland hosted by Vital Events. Lines wrapped around The City National Civic with people eager to dance all night to the sweet sounds of EDM. Headliners Hucci and GTA dropped killer tracks, but honestly all the DJs brought their best to the weekend. From the opening performers to the headliners, the dancing never stopped! On top of their usual indoor main stage, Wobbleland included an outdoor tent introducing two stages for first time. The second stage was perfect if you wanted to get outside for some air and still enjoy the show. Wobbleland 2016 was a huge hit. I think my favorite part, besides the music, has to be the crowd. It must have been the music or simply the bay area people, but everyone was so friendly and dancing. The weekend was a huge success and KZSC thanks one of our own, Santiago Torrecilla, for inviting us to join!

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Taraf de Akácfa Tues Mar 15th

Taraf de Akácfa is a band based in Budapest, who met as traveling street musicians in Hungary. They’ll be playing for a dance at Don Quixote’s in Felton, CA on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7pm. Hailing from Sweden, France, the SF Bay Area. as well as Hungary, they’ve learned traditional folk tunes and songs from some of the finest Roma musicians, and have added their own energetic spin on arrangements of Balkan, Gypsy, and Transylvanian dance music. The band currently includes Johannes Olsson (accordion), Lulu de la Rue (violin), Valentin Desmarais (double bass), Isaac Misri (guitar), and Ferenc Zimbar (cimbalom). Bring your opanke (Balkan dance shoes!), boots and sneakers and be ready to dance up a storm to celebrate the ides of March.

Le Bruit Court dans la Ville, Mon Mar 14th

The band Le Bruit Court dans la Ville (The Buzz of the Town) includes true legendary performers of the traditional music of Quebec, Canada who will be appearing on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7:30pm at Don Quixote’s in Felton, CA. Lisa Ornstein (fiddle) and André Marchand (guitar) were former members of the influential Quebecois band La Bottine Souriante, and have teamed with Normand Miron (accordion, harmonica) in this trio. They play fiery and beautiful fiddle tune melodies both original and traditional, paired with vocals which often have folk tales intertwined. All three can add foot percussion to keep things rolling. Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay.