The Orwells Interview 12.11.17

Imagine being 16 again. The year is 2013 and Snowden has recently leaked documents about U.S. mass-surveillance programs. You and your friends decide last-minute to drive to Eagle Rock, catch a couple bands, and be delinquents. As you step into the former church, a haze of smoke fills the air while Jeff the Brotherhood blares over speakers. Suddenly, the music cuts out and The Orwells step onstage. Chords permeate through the repurposed church as the mostly underage crowd moshes in rhythm to “Who Needs You”. At the end of the show, the frontman, Mario Cuomo, climbs onto the rafters above the crowd and dives headfirst into a sea of teenagers.

This was my first time seeing The Orwells live.

The Orwells are a rock band composed of five members who graduated high school early to pursue their love of music. The band started out with a destructive stage presence, at times getting into altercations with venue security and staff. When I had the chance to catch them live at The Troubadour in ’14, Mario was arguing with security for stopping teenagers from moshing during their set. This was what really drew me towards the band. The Orwells stood for rebellion, and they didn’t just go against the grain, they ripped through it. With powerful lyrics such as:

You better pledge allegiance; you’re not the only one. Listen up forefathers; I’m not your son. You better save the country, you better pass the flask, you better join the army, I said no thank you dear old Uncle Sam.

While the band has calmed down in some ways, they still put on an amazing show no matter where they go. From their run with The Arctic Monkeys in 2014, Weezer in early 2017, and The Pixies in late 2017, they’ve proven time and time again that they can get a crowd on its feet. The evolution of the band with their most recent album, Terrible Human Beings, is just further reassurance that The Orwells aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m also ecstatic to announce that I had the opportunity to catch them live right here in Santa Cruz. Make sure to check out the incredible interview that I had with Mario, guitarist Matt O’Keefe, and (with some cameo insights) drummer Henry Brinner. With HOT topics like: the music industry, Steve Jobs, and Atlanta twerk videos. Huge thank you to Bryan Nelson for setting this up as well. -Chuck Bass

Check them out online:

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P.S. They have a killer Stooges cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

KEZIA’s First Ever Interview @ KZSC 1.22.18

I tapped in with KEZIA from American Canyon, CA (707) for her FIRST ever interview 1.22.18! Check it out here.

Big shoutout to the No Platform family.
Sanny Bisquerra
Thomas Jordan

Check out her hit song & visual of 3 Seconds below!

KZSC Interviews: Mele’uhane

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Listen in as we chat and hear music by Mele’uhane, coming from Kona, on Hawai’i island; Keikilani Lindsey, the dad, with sons Leo and Kaneala.

Living the life of traveling musicians, they are on the mainland touring in support of their newest CD, Anaspond. In addition to the laughter-filled interview, you’ll hear the instrumental that honors the voyaging canoe Hokule’a,  the sweet harmonies of “Na Na Na,” plus the rascal blues-inflected jokey “Sugar Honey Iced Tea.”

The fellas echo a reggae feeling on “Malama Ka ‘Aina,” a composition in Hawaiian, reminding us to take care, Malama, our World, the ‘aina.

Mele’uhane played at Pono Hawaiian Grill on Friday, January 5th at 6:30 pm.

KZSC Interview: GWAR 11.17.17 w/ Melcriada

I was lucky to interview the infamous GWAR guitarist, Pustulus Maximus. When he wasn’t spewing blood or complaining about Blothar’s smell, there was a semi-decent alien. Check out what Pustulus Maximus has to say about the band before he performed at the Catalyst.

Multi-Platinum Award Winning artist Sage the Gemini interview w/ RIZ aka RSD & Chuck Bass 10.29.17

On October 29th, 2017, RIZ aka RSD & Chuck Bass got to see Multi-Platinum Award Winning Rapper, Singer, Producer, and Songwriter Sage the Gemini at The Catalyst. We were able to land a really fun interview with him after the show as well, thanks to his manager HBK Omar of Active Management. Check out the backstage interview after the show with Sage the Gemini, in addition to the concert review!

The opener Derek King was on point as DJ J12 got the crowd hyped up, then followed by DJ Gio, who had a killer set composed of both hip-hop and electronic tracks. Chuck Bass, the RPM director, described it as a treat to see the crowd get excited by electronic songs, especially when Sage the Gemini is more known of his “party/feel good music” but has recently tapped into the electronic genre.

After the crowd was prepped, Sage the Gemini came out to a huge crowd of patient and cheering fans. He performed songs off of his new album, Morse Code, and a couple of classic tracks that have probably caught your attention as well, “Don’t You,” “Swerve,” “Now & Later,” “Red Nose,” and “Gas Pedal”. Mid-show, Sage made sure to get a nice pump in by doing some push-ups while the crowd counted him offon top with taking his shirt off mid-concert.  It was a really exciting night as we believe that this year’s performance was better than last year’s. We’d like to thank Earl Salindo, the manager of the Catalyst, as well as HBK Omar of Active Management once again for this opportunity. Be on the lookout for Sage the Gemini‘s newest project titled Who Hurt You coming soon!

For now, check out his newest visual “Watchachacha” below!

Drew BangA aka lil groovy interview w/ RIZ aka RSD

@rizzystaydizzy interviews Drew BangA aka lil groovy of the HNRL Crew! Check it out below.

Via Riz interviews Drew Banga at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA. In the interview they discuss being on tour with Duckwrth for Rich Chigga’s, ‘Come To My Party’ TourThe Honor RollHiero Day, and upcoming projects.