Fonzie Interviews Freddie Gibbs!

Fonzie got a chance to ask Freddie Gibbs a few questions before his show on Sunday, June 1st at the Catalyst on Tech N9ne’s Independent Grind 2014 Tour!

Check it out:

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Fonzie Interviews Antwon!

Fonzie caught up with world-famous San Jose rapper Antwon in February. Listen to it here!

You can stream Antwon’s new album Heavy Hearted In Doldrums via Pitchfork advance here. Make sure to download it when it officially releases May 6!

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Fonzie Interviews Bay Rapper J. Lately

Fonzie, host of the Fonzie Scheme and co-host of the Illest Villains, caught up with J. Lately on Friday, April 18 to ask him a few questions. Check it out!

You can hear J. Lately’s new song “Roses” here:

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Hospitality Interview at Rickshaw Stop

Brooklyn trio Hospitality recently released their Sophomore LP, Trouble, on Merge. They have been supporting the album with a nation-wide tour and are about to go overseas starting in May. I was lucky enough to catch up with Amber Papini (guitar, vocals) and Brian Betancourt (bass) before their show at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco last February. In our interview, we cover influences for their new darker sound, what they’ve been listening to lately, and upcoming releases for the band. Friends of the band, Airwaves, opened as well as Matt Kivel, who you can hear sound-checking in the background.

Stream the full interview below:



Laura Marling

This post (and picture) comes courtesy of DJ Compost, one of the hosts of KZSC’s “Dead Energy” program.

Full Disclosure: The last time I saw Laura Marling in concert, it was before I came to KZSC. I used  a fake press pass to get into the 21+ venue. With a hand-crafted and surprisingly legitimate looking photo ID badge and the acting skills of Nicholas Cage on a good day, I somehow got into the show. When I told Laura about it after her performance, she called me a “fucking genius” and told me of her own experiences as an underage music aficionado in England where she’d sneak into shows with nothing more than fake DJ equipment and confidence. A bonding moment to remember. I recently saw Laura again at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and this time, as a real media-type person. Laura walked on stage to a microphone stand three inches taller than her pixie-like self. Standing on her tiptoes, she timidly chimed “hello,” before beginning to play. I thought she’d adjust her mic to better accommodate her height, but she never did. It seemed strategic for the self-proclaimed and endearingly awkward folk singer to hold her head craned upwards where her eyes could easily travel to the ceiling. She opened with the first four songs from her new album, “Once I Was An Eagle”, each one blending seamlessly into the next, which built to the fifth and angriest track on the album, “Master Hunter.” Laura joked that if she were us, she’d be rioting against hearing new material, then played a pair of brand new songs. Apologizing for her lack of bantering skills, she laughed ironically then announced, “Now for the hits”  and played gems from her previous three albums plus a beautiful Townes Van Zandt cover of “For the Sake of the Song.” Laura let us get to know her during the next hour and a half, but only as much as she wanted, keeping parts of herself hidden away-dark, mysterious, vulnerable and inviting at the same time. Closing with “Where Can I Go?” from “Once I Was An Eagle”, Laura cooed gently: “I am cold and I am bright/ It’s a curse of mine to be sad at night.” At 23 years old, she seems to bare more of the world on her shoulders than she should have to; a blessing and a curse as a songwriter. She voices an honest vulnerability that is absolutely inspiring as if she’s swallowed up the entire world and spat out the good in beautiful prose and the bad in fiery spurts of fury. Find out more about Laura Marling at her website and listen for her on KZSC.

Parquet Courts Interview

    Parquet Courts singer and guitarist Andrew Savage once requested prior to an interview that he would not be asked about being “a Texas band”. Apparently the band didn’t exist in Texas and wasn’t even an idea until they all made the move to New York. So now that the record has been set straight, the Brooklyn four-piece released the Tally All Things That You Broke EP, their third release on What’s Your Rupture? last October. It followed their excellent sophomore album Light Up Gold, which earned high critical acclaim.  I was lucky enough to sit down with Andrew before his show with White Fence and CCR Headcleaner at the Great American Music Hall on January 16th.

What brought on these White Fence shows you are co-headlining?

“We’ve known the White Fence guys for a while now, we’ve played some shows with them and hung out with them a few times. We get along, we like the band and you know we’ve actually been trying to play some shows with them on the west coast for a while now, so it’s finally come to fruition.”

Who are some of you favorite artists coming out of the Bay Area right now?

Well yeah, I did ask CCR Headcleaner to play this show, I’ve never seen em before so I’m looking forward to it tonight.

What can we expect from the new album? Any set date?

No set date yet but it will come out in Spring of this year. It’s kind of a different affair of our previous records, but I think all of our records from American Specialties to Light Up Gold to this one are all pretty different. It’s got a different attitude but I don’t think it’ll be alienating to anybody……Parquet Courts fans will get what they want.

Some of you biggest influences right now, band wise?

Right now? Let’s see, lately I’ve been listening to the first Roxy Music record; not that that’s really a new thing but lately I guess I’ve just been listening to it more than normal. I’ve been listening to a lot of Cock Sparrer lately and I’ve been listening to a lot of country music I heard growing up, like a lot of Merle [Haggard], Waylon [Jennings], David Allen Coe. I like honky tonk kinda shit, Jerry Jeff Walker, a lot of Townes Van Zandt. But now that I say all this it’s tough for me to decide if these are influences or just bands I’ve been jamming lately. As I speak I’ve got Dead Moon’s Kicked Out – Kicked In playing.


Check out the full audio interview below as well as a track from Parquet Courts’ latest EP:
Photos by Ryan McDonald