Programmer of the month: Lennon Stankavich (Jaws)

Hailing from Long Beach California, Lennon Stankavich is a sophomore at UCSC studying film. He is interested in independent films, documentaries, and travel films.  Lennon’s most recent projects for film class have tapped his creativity in scoring music for film.  From composing all original music to playing and recording all the instruments with a digital interface, Lennon combines his love of music with his interest in cinematography.

Under the “subliminal” reference name Jaws, he spins “shark rock” tunes on  Swimmin’ With The Sharks, Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30.  Lennon says that Shark Rock includes original 60’s surf rock music, alongside any more modern rock, garage and punk that uses lots of reverb and treble.  Lennon notes, “There has been a resurgence of new surf rock artists from southern California and the Bay Area.  If it can fool me into thinking it’s old school, then I like it”

Between being raised by parents who were adamant about his exposure to alternative rock and working at a local record store in Long Beach, Lennon was exposed to a wide variety of music.  Starting his collection at a young age,  his first vinyl acquisition was a White Stripes 45.  Even with all this musical input,  it was 2003’s Richard Linklater film “School Of Rock” that influenced Lennon more than any other media.  Growing up having a cousin involved with radio in Boston, Lennon was naturally drawn to KZSC.  This, along with DJ brickfrog‘s day glo shades at a KZSC recruitment fair, cemented Lennon’s devotion to KZSC.

When I asked Lennon to invite 3 people infamous or deceased to his party, Lennon replied with the question, “What kind of party is it?”  Fittingly deciding upon a bonfire party at the beach, Lennon said he would invite Teddy Roosevelt, not only because he was the most interesting president, but he could probably build a good fire.  His second choice would be Morgan Freeman because having had his heart ripped out more times than others, Morgan would tell some good camp fire stories.  Lennon’s final choice would be Steve Martin.  Not only would Steve bring balance to Morgan’s heartbreak hotel stories, but he would bring his banjo too.

Lennon is currently a member of the Program Review Committee and is considering a run for Station Manager next year.  You can follow Lennon’s talent for photography at

Prof. Angela Y Davis

Archive available for Angela Davis broadcast

KZSC broadcast Professor Angela Davis speaking on “Racism, Militarism, and Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine” on Wednesday, January 28th, at 7 pm.

KZSC is glad that our live broadcast reached many of the hundreds of people turned away when the civic auditorium filled up. Read more

Fresh Faces at KZSC

Congratulations to the newest staff members of KZSC!  They’ve completed our rigorous training and their new shows are now debuting on our winter 2015 schedule. We can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with, and we’re sure you’ll love what they do on KZSC.

UC Santa Cruz students should contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jared, so you can join them. We offer a training class (for credit!) every quarter, and you can take it after you volunteer at the station for 20 hours.

KZSCs new student programmers for Winter 2015!

KZSCs new student programmers for Winter 2015!

Programmer of the Month: Nada on Nada!

Many of you are probably familiar with KZSC’s talk program Artists on Art. But how much do you know about Nada, aka DJ Hope? I sat down to learn a little more about the voice behind the mic, and this month’s Programmer of the Month. Read more

Dylan Music

Programmer of the Month: Dylan Music

This month’s Programmer of the Month is DJ Oy-Dog, AKA Dylan Music from the long-running program “Muzikal Jewz.”

Dylan started volunteering at KZSC when he was a senior at UCSC. Then in March of 2008, after completing the broadcasting class,  Dylan was inspired to start the show “Muzikal Jewz,” in order to “make people laugh, dance, cry, and experience Jewish music and culture in all of its forms.”

“It took about 4 hours of prep time per week at first. I started with three Jewish music CDs (Socalled’s “Ghettoblaster,” “Connie Francis Sing Jewish Favorites,” and Black Ox Orkestar’s “Ver Tanz”) and it exploded from there,” said Dylan (aka DJ Oy-Dog). The show has been a staff and audience favorite ever since.

After finishing his Master’s thesis “Beat me Rabbi Eight to the Bar” (about Yiddish swing Jazz life in the U.S. in the early 20th century) and graduating from the Literature Department in 2011, Dylan is now a community member at KZSC and still hosts “Muzikal Jewz” every Sunday from 4PM to 6PM.

A little-known trivia fact: In the summer of 2011, Dylan also created and hosted a show at KZSC called  “Christopher Tracy’s Parade,” which featured music by the purple paisley love god Prince, and his disciples.

Over the years Dylan has also been an 8-time student mentor and twice served in the KZSC program review committee. For his dedication and creativity KZSC declares Dylan Music “programmer of the month,” an honor only bestowed upon the most awesome of staff members!

Fall 2014 Program Guide cover art

New Fall 2014 Program schedule

We’re happy to be kicking off KZSC’s Fall 2014 schedule!  Make sure to check out our  new lineup so that you don’t miss out.

Some of the exciting new shows coming to KZSC feature Hip Hop, Country, Punk (and Post-Punk), Show Tunes, Surf,  Doo-Wop and more!  Some of your favorites from the spring schedule are back—alongside perennial favorites and a handful shows with new time slots.

From every variety of music to talk radio to news, we’ve got you covered.  So keep tuning in to KZSC as we move into sweater weather!