Savage Reviews – “W.H.K.” Self Titled

At first glance this radio station would file the CD under K for Klink, but William H. Klink is not an individual. It is a five-man band from San Luis Obispo, California, and it is the name of their 2015 self-titled album; to be filed under W. Seventeen tracks of psych-punk with a whole lot of west coast surf vibe coming through, as well its share of lo-fi garage tracks. And, yes, there are a few tracks in the two minute range so often found in the punk genre, but this band is not afraid to riff off into a long instrumental. Check out track #4 of seven plus minutes, with an equally long name “Seabed and Dr. Chongs 4th Dimensional Transcendental Journey”. Now, it is true, I have never been sitting on a surf board stoned, watching the sets roll in, but I am sure it has happened a million times and the music of William H. Klink would be a sublime addition to such a moment; provided the right waterproof equipment was at hand. I will only give a thumbs down to track #11, “Drowning”, but so what, that leaves 16 tracks to enjoy. Besides, something always gets left behind in the wake.

Written by David Anton Savage, host of Unfiltered Camels on Mondays from 2-3 PM


KZSC Interviews – Rappin’ 4 Tay

KZSC’s DJ Jazzy Hefe this past week interview Rappin 4 Tay this past week. Go to our audio interview to hear about his time here in Santa Cruz.



Album to Hear Now: The Epic

Millennials everywhere, beware! The word “epic” has finally found its rightful place in the modern world and it has little to do with your festival experience or favorite burrito joint. Kamasi Washington Dectet, a tight-knit jazz regiment headed by the masterful composer and saxophonist best known for his work with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus, dropped their 3-disc debut The Epic (Brainfeeder Records, 2015) this Tuesday, a timely release just under two months after To Pimp a Butterfly (Interscope Records, 2015) took music media by a storm and brought jazz back into the limelight. Washington has been in the touring game since college (to wit: Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Raphael Saadiq, Chaka Khan), and spent much of his time back home in LA recording with ten collaborators, and with Flying Lotus’ help would record 190 songs in one month in 2011. Kamasi and his cohorts go way back, but the dectet is looking forward, combining their influences and training to put jazz on the radar for listeners across the board. Four years after the Kamasi Washington Dectet’s Silver Lake recording marathon, a short list of 17 tracks spanning three hours would be compiled and released as one of the most ambitious, genre-spanning debuts to be made this century. The music is free-flowing, expressive, evocative of jazz godheads like Trane and Sun Ra but transcending classic quotations for something near surreal — it’s skyward-looking music, it’s beyond what is now. And that, friends, is EPIC.


Top 10 reasons not to miss this weekend’s Shaky Knees Festival (May 8-10) in Atlanta, GA

The Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta, Georgia will be happening this weekend in Atlanta, GA and KZSC will be providing you with coverage of all the awesome artists playing. Here are some reasons why, if you’re in the area, that you shouldn’t miss it!

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KZSC Interviews: The Relationship

The members of the Relationship are an all-star team of band members coming together to create some very catchy, upbeat rock music. The Relationship features Brian Bell from Weezer, Nate Shaw from U.S. Bombs and Die’ Hunns, Anthony Burulcich who has drummed for Morrissey and the Bravery, and bassist Jon LaRue. Earlier this year, the Relationship released the single “Oh Allen” and put up pre-orders for the 7-inch version b/w “Young Temptations” up on the Burger Records website. After giving this a listen, I want more and hope for a full album release soon.

The Relationship played at Moe’s Alley with Gringo Star on Thursday, April 16th. Here’s KZSC’s in-studio performance and interview with the Relationship, recorded shortly before the show.


Here comes Record Store Day!

Either you have heard of it or you have been living under a rock. Record Store Day will take place April 18th nationwide this year. A day that advocates we all go out and support local business, or more importantly local record stores.

On this day independent labels and legendary artists release or re-release great albums specific for this event to get high attendance in local record stores.  This year Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was given the title of Record Store Day Ambassador, which may or may not have zero meaning.

The stage is set for another great year of record buying–until debate arose on the newly developed intentions of such a glorious day. First to speak out was Father/Daughter Records who had Faux Real II (a sequel to Faux Real released last record store day) shot down as an album for release during the event. This shed light on the gained recognition of Record Store Day that now albums are being sifted through and turned down at the expense of independent companies.

If not released through Record Store Day then the already produced music either will never see the light of day or be released out of pocket from independent labels, which some may not afford to do. Not so problematic, as that is the way of business, except the mission of Record Store Day is to aid independent companies. When typically independent labels would be unable to afford getting a prime setup of albums they are putting out in record stores across the country, Record Store Day was a remedy. Now with mainstream popularity, which was the ultimate goal, bigger names are getting the spots that would typically go to albums made on independent labels. An inevitable cycle due to potential profit gain and notoriety.

But at the end of the day these marketing tactics get people out from behind their computer screen and into the record stores that need patrons to keep inspiring great music. Especially in the vinyl revival currently taking place, Record Store Day is at its peak of interest. The whole situation seems muddled due to any controversy but everyone agrees if people are stopping in to these record stores than the mission is complete. So do your part in supporting local and independent business, April 18th head to your local record store!

If you are in the Santa Cruz area Metavinyl located at 320 Cedar St and Streetlight Records located at 939 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz will be participating in Record Store Day so be sure to stop by!