Loud Rock Charts – Second Week of September

If today’s weather was any indication, the summer sun is receding in favor of autumn fog and drizzle. Though the weather may be (hopefully?) getting cooler, the tracks our DJs are spinning are still hot as ever!

Top Ten:

  1. AHAB — The Boats of the Glen Carrig
  2. REANIMATOR — Horns Up
  3. WORRIERS — Imaginary Life
  4. KINGS DESTROY — Kings Destroy
  5. ACRASSICAUDA — Gilgamesh
  6. DOG PARTY — Vol. 4
  7. DELETIST — 3rd Class Cover Songs
  8. CEREBELLION — Regeneration
  9. PRONG — Songs from the Black Hole
  10. CHEMICAL BURN — Raining Anvils

Check out Like Red Foam (The Great Storm) off of Ahab’s latest album, The Boats of Glen Carrig:


September 2nd, 1838, Birthday of Lili’uokalani


On Wiki Wiki Wednesday, a musical tribute to the music and songs of Hawai’i and the Pacific Islands, we celebrate the birth of Queen Lili’uokalani.  She was born September 2nd, 1838 and reigned as Queen in her own right, in the Kingdom of Hawai’i, in the middle of the sea.  Lili’uokalani ascended to the throne January 29th, 1891, after the death of her brother, King David Kalakaua, known as the Merrie Monarch, for his revival of the hula, surfing and other Hawaiian arts.  The royal brothers and sisters were known as the “Royal Fours” for their musical talents.  Queen Lili’uokalani was an accomplished author, composer and musician.

She authored “Hawai’i’s Story By Hawai’i’s Queen”

After the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom, The Queen was imprisoned in her own ‘Iolani Palace. While under house arrest, she took solace in composing and transcribing music, including the Hawaiian creation epic, the Kumulipo.  She believed in peaceful resistance and wanted to avoid bloodshed.  These events still ring through the islands today.  Following the Queen’s release, the Hawaiian Republic gave her a full pardon and restored her civil rights. She lived at her palatial residence in Honolulu until her death in 1917.

She composed “Aloha ‘Oe,” or “Farewell to Thee,” a popular lover’s goodbye, which later became imbued with mourning for the loss of her country.  The huge events of the political realm reverberate today throughout the Hawaiian islands and within the Hawaiian nation in diaspora.  We keep the Queen and Hawaiian Kingdom in heart, in part through the music.

La Luz

Rock Charts Mid-August

Hey you! Check out some cool new tracks below and never stop listenin’ to The Great 88.1FM for your source of rad music, old & new.

Top 10:

  1. Mac DeMarco – Another One
  2. La Luz – Weirdo Shrine
  3. Tame Impala – Currents
  4. Ducktails – St. Catherine
  5. Wilco – Star Wars
  6. Seapony – A Vision
  7. Novella – Land
  8. Slim Twig – Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig
  9. Numb Bats – Bees And Trees
  10. Leon Bridges – Coming Home


  1. Land Lines – The Natural World
  2. Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
  3. Deradoorian – The Expanding Flower Planet
  4. Wild Ones – Heatwave
  5. Cold Beat – Into the Air

Rock Charts – First Week of August!

August is my favorite month. The weather is always brilliant, and, we just added a bunch of great new albums to our new releases shelf in the KZSC on-air studio. One of those albums is Another One by Mac DeMarco; in the last track, he gives you his address and invites you to come over for coffee! Check out another track from the album below.

Top 10:

  1. Tame Impala – Currents
  2. Leon Bridges – Coming Home
  3. Ducktails – St. Catherine
  4. Jaill – Brain Cream
  5. Damaged Bug – Cold Hot Plumbs
  6. Yonatan Gat – Director
  7. Jack + Eliza – Gentle Warnings
  8. Walter TV – Blessed
  9. Froth – Bleak
  10. Bully – Feels Like


  1. Mac DeMarco – Another One
  2. La Luz – Weirdo Shrine
  3. Wilco – Star Wars
  4. Zachary Cale – Duskland
  5. Seapony – A Vision


Mele’uhane Wednesday July 29th


Keikilani and Leokani Lindsey come to California – and Santa Cruz – next “Wiki Wiki” Wednesday.  Keikilani is the father and Leokani the son in this family duo from Kona, on Hawai’i Island, also known as The Big Island.     The family is big on talent, as papa Keikilani distills 5 generations of Hawaiian storytelling, paniolo cowboy action, music and hula into his singing and songwriting. Eldest son Leokani “Leo” has come up from the percussion and rhythm of his youth and has taken to guitar in a Big Island way.

Join us on Wiki Wiki Wednesday July 29th as we host Mele’uhane live in studio during the program, which runs & rollicks from 6:00 – 9:00 am.

The gentlemen of Mele’uhane perform at Pono that evening, 6:30 inside the Reef Bar building at 120 Union Street in downtown Santa Cruz.

You can hear the music from their new album, the cd entitled, “The Garden” honoring the island of Kaua’i, the land, the people and the music.

Join KZSC Wednesday morning, July 29th to hear the boys live  & see you at Pono that night!


My Experience at Lightning in a Bottle 2015

This past Memorial Day weekend, DoLaB’s Lightning in a Bottle captivated its largest audience to date. More than 20 thousand people came to the town of Bradley, CA to attend this magical gathering. This was my first year attending LiB and it was surely an unforgettable experience.



I checked in early Friday morning and set up camp on the outskirts of the festival. What seemed like a far off location, was only a 5-10 minute walk into the actual festival grounds. As I roamed around, I was pleasantly surprised by the many amenities the festival had to offer. There were three stages, Lighting, Woogie, and newly added Thunder. Each stage had its own unique design, which provided the perfect setting for the amazing acts that LiB had lined up for us. Lighting stage was lit up each night with super star performances by Flume, the euphoric sounds of electronic duo Odezsa, and of course, the lovely AlunaGeorge. The Woogie stage, also probably my favorite stage, had artists play in a wonky treehouse, where there were lots of colorful canopies to cool off and groove to some good ol’ house music from  Thomas Jack, Shiba San, and old school legend John Digweed. The Thunder stage rumbled all day and night with bass centric music from the likes of Santa Cruz’s own G Jones, while also bumpin’ to some r&b inspired UK goodness by Snakehips and Stwo.

Aside from the amazing music, what was different about this festival is that it was a fully immersive environment that provided interactive things all around you. The Temple of Consciousness offered a variety of activities that festival goers could check out when taking a break from getting down to the music, or in my case, trying to beat the heat. There were tea ceremonies, live art, yoga, dancing, and even a cooking workshop that taught you how to make healthy food to nourish the mind, body, and soul. One thing that I have to note about this festival is the food selection – there were so many healthy meals to choose from! You could find a lot of vegan and veggie centric dishes, but could also satisfy your junk food cravings. Who knew vegan corndogs could taste just as good as the real deal??

sound healing


There was never a dull moment at LiB, and I wish I could have experienced everything the festival had to offer. I really enjoyed and appreciated the panel of speakers they had at the Temple of Consciousness. I got to catch a speech by one of LiB’s cofounder Dream Rockwell, where she shared her life endeavors with us – how she got here, to make this all of this happen. Her journey inspired me to pursue my own dreams, and to just go for it.

Overall, this has become my favorite festival that I’ve ever attended. The lineup was amazing, the people were wonderful, and there was just so much to see and experience. LiB is said to be considered as a “transformative” festival, which means that you go into the festival and take something from it. What I took from it is that it really inspired me to pursue my career path, which involves having music in my life at all times. I left the festival with a positive look on life, feeling lucky to have shared this incredible experience with my amazing friends, new and old.

Until next year, LiB!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.30.02 AM


To catch a glimpse of LiB magic, make sure to check out Woogie Weekend, July 17 – 19 @ Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA!