New World Charts- second week of August

Well it’s already August! Some kids are already heading off Back-to-School (because we all know this magic event deserves a hyphenated proper noun) and us on the quarter system are in the second half of our summer sessions. For driving those young-uns back to their playgrounds here’s some new world music just for you.

New to our charts is Dina El Wedidi an world music vocalist from Egypt who has performed with ensembles and took part in The Nile Project initiative, as well as and mentoring under Gilberto Gil. This is El Wedidi’s debut solo album, and it features elements of Bossa Nova and Jazz blended into Arabic music.

1    NATALIA LAFOURCADE    Hasta La Raiz
2    MBONGWANA STAR    From Kinshasa
3    TIEMPO LIBRE    Panamericano
4    NIYAZ    The Fourth Light
5    LILA DOWNS    Balas Y Chocolate
6    VARIOUS ARTISTS    Putumayo Presents: Afro-Caribbean Party
7    DINA EL WEDIDI    Turning Back
9    MORGAN HERITAGE    Strictly Roots
10   CHICO TRUJILLO    Reina De Todas Las Fiestas

In our Adds, we have some great Afro-Caribbean music coming to you from the worlds of Havana culture, and the Caribbean at large.

1 Dayme Arocena          Nueva Era

2 Various Artists           Afro-Caribbean Party


Loud Rock Charts – First Week of August

Whether your August so far has been sleepy and warm, or a frenzied blur of summer school, it’s natural that you may be starting to tune most things out. But something something loud rock something something feel awesome! Something our DJs something something ROCKIN’ TRACKS. Check it out:

Top Ten:

  1. SONICK PLAGUE — Sonick Plague
  2. DOG PARTY — Vol. 4
  3. MUTOID MAN — Bleeder
  4. KÄRBHOLZ — Karma
  5. SWEETALK — Picturesque
  6. HIGH ON FIRE — Luminiferous
  7. THE EXPLOSION — Red Tape [Single]
  8. KORPIKLAANI — Noita
  9. HO99O9 — Horrors of 1999 [EP]
  10. ANTI-FLAG — American Spring


  • ARCHER — Culling the Weak
  • HIBRIA — Hibria

Check out Street Wars, the first track off Sonick Plague’s latest album!


Rock Charts – First Week of August!

August is my favorite month. The weather is always brilliant, and, we just added a bunch of great new albums to our new releases shelf in the KZSC on-air studio. One of those albums is Another One by Mac DeMarco; in the last track, he gives you his address and invites you to come over for coffee! Check out another track from the album below.

Top 10:

  1. Tame Impala – Currents
  2. Leon Bridges – Coming Home
  3. Ducktails – St. Catherine
  4. Jaill – Brain Cream
  5. Damaged Bug – Cold Hot Plumbs
  6. Yonatan Gat – Director
  7. Jack + Eliza – Gentle Warnings
  8. Walter TV – Blessed
  9. Froth – Bleak
  10. Bully – Feels Like


  1. Mac DeMarco – Another One
  2. La Luz – Weirdo Shrine
  3. Wilco – Star Wars
  4. Zachary Cale – Duskland
  5. Seapony – A Vision


Loud Rock Charts – Last Week of July

It’s the second week of the second summer session, and some exhausted students may be regretting signing up for classes that are hurtling along at a break-neck pace. But at least our DJs are playing choice tracks that would tickle anyone’s fancy–whether they be taking classes, enjoying summer break, or otherwise!

Top Ten:

  1. DOG PARTY  –  Vol 4.
  2. HIGH ON FIRE  –  Luminiferous
  3. ANTI-FLAG  –  American Spring
  4. EDGE OF PARADISE  –  Immortal Waltz
  5. PARADISE LOST  –  The Plague Within
  6. STRUNG OUT  –  Transmission.Alpha.Delta
  7. SONICK PLAGUE  –  Sonick Plague
  8. THE EXPLOSION  –  Red Tape – Single
  9. STRINGS OF ATLAS  –  In a Better World
  10. ARCHER  –  Culling the Weak


  • HIGH ON FIRE  –  Luminiferous
  • EDGE OF PARADISE  –  Immortal Waltz

Dog Party is once again at the top of our ten, and for good reason! Take a listen to  Dead Guy, one of the tracks off their latest album.

New World Charts: End of July

This week’s new world chart for your summer soundtrack! In our top spot we have Mexican pop-rock star Natalia Lafourcade, with her new and more mellow album, with a more traditional instrumentation. Mbongwana Star with their debut has a wonderfully unique take on Afrobeat and electronic rock. And for some jazz and salsa to hold your sweetheart by, Tiempo Libre’s new one is for you!

2 MBONGWANA STAR From Kinshasa
3 TIEMPO LIBRE Panamericano
4 NIYAZ The Fourth Light
6 VARIOUS ARTISTS Putumayo Presents: Afro-Caribbean Party
7 FORRO ZINHO Forro In The Dark Plays
9 MORGAN HERITAGE Strictly Roots
10 CHICO TRUJILLO Reina De Todas Las Fiestas

New Adds:

1 KUTIMAN “Inner Galactic Lovers” [Single] Siyal
2 CHICO TRUJILLO Reina De Todas Las Fiestas
4 MIK CURRENT “Lies” [Single]

here’s some new latin indie with a Santa-esque tone



Loud Rock Charts – 4th Week of July

The only thing hotter than the weather during this past week of July has been the sizzling tracks our DJs have been spinning. Check out some of the selections off our new releases shelf that have been burning up the airwaves!

Top Ten:

  1. DOG PARTY  –  Vol 4.
  2. ANTI-FLAG  –  American Spring
  3. STRUNG OUT  –  Transmission.Alpha.Delta
  4. THE EXPLOSION  –  Red Tape – Single
  5. GRAVE BABIE  –  Holographic Violence
  6. PARADISE LOST  –  The Plague Within
  7. LAMB OF GOD  –  VII: Sturm Und Drang
  8. ARCHER  –  Culling the Weak
  9. SONICK PLAGUE  –  Sonick Plague
  10. THE SLEEPING KARMA  –  Moksha


  • LAMB OF GOD  –  VII: Sturm Und Drang

Give your earholes a gander at this rockin’ track from the pair of Sacramento punk sisters, Dog Party!