Talkabout 04/03/13

Sleepy John welcomes Representative John Leopold and David Seibung on Santa Cruz County politics (with calls from listeners). Following them is Deva Anderson on a local art project.

Talkabout 04/03/13

Sleepy John has David Seiburg & John Leopold in the studio to talk about Santa Cruz County politics as well as Deva Anderson on a local art project.

Universal Grapevine 04/02/13

Good young Bruce has Alexandra Kennedy on the show to talk about “Grief & Grieving”; and guest Sarah Leonard on the Mental Health Client Action Network (MHCAN) in Santa Cruz.

Talkabout 03/27/13

John has reporter Steve Palopali to talk about local newspapers as well as Joann Allen on jobs for youth in Santa Cruz.

Universal Grapevine 03/26/13

This week on Universal Grapevine is faculty member Ben Carson here at KZSC to talk about the UCSC Music Department. Also: John Orlando on the
Distinguished Artists Series at UCSC.

Closet Free Radio 03/25/13

Kai and Richard talk with local GLBT Alliance representative Merrie Schaller on SCOTUS hearings & Prop. 8.