Porter College student Annais Rittenberg joined The Great 88 as program host of “Cajun Spice”, a program devoted to the sounds of New Orleans back in 2010. Her passion for music from other cultures quickly led to serving a term as KZSC’s World Music Director and hosting another show “Global Grooves”. She was a bright spirit with lots to offer new volunteers when they came to the station. Annais passed away July 3rd while working as a children’s summer camp counselor. It’s a great loss to our staff and our listening audience. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.


This Friday KZSC will have its plug pulled. As part of a larger electrical project, UC Santa Cruz needs to temporarily cut power to our little cabin in the woods. That means zero webstream signal and a blank spot at 88.1 FM for a while…but not too long. We will go dark (literally) at noon on Friday, June 21st and expect to be back bothering the world again sometime around 6 pm Friday night.

Goodbye And Hello

KZSC’s Business Manager is a student position. And like the tides at our world famous surf breaks, they come and go. Goodbye to Kevin Candelar1a, the 2012-13 Business Manager who graduates in June. Kevin was also voted “Most Likely To Survive A Recession” by his Governing Board peers. And say hello to Amanda – KZSC’s newly appointed Business Manager for the upcoming academic year. Her talents are too numerous to mention but let’s just say she’s the one that will make sure your donation gets processed and “the checks in the mail” for our outstanding bills. You can hear Amanda each week on her program “Power Through Procrastination” on The Great 88.

Not Fade Away

My two-year stint as KZSC’s music librarian is coming to an end this month. It has been a fascinating plunge into music of all kinds.  I am happy to say that Chris Jong is returning as librarian for the station in the coming year. Yours truly will still be around and in the trenches, separating the coal from the gold, and helping Chris where ever I can. The only thing that is bending my noodle right now is that the in-coming Freshman class here at UCSC, for the Fall quarter of 2013, will have birth dates ending with the year 1995! As their time in this world comes into focus, my vision tends toward the blurred without a good pair of glasses.

Psychic Summer

Would you like to see into the future? Let’s skip the clumsy conversation about your lost cat or car keys and get straight to important stuff-what’s going to be on KZSC this summer. We can tell you that The Great 88 will feature several new voices, others that will seem familiar and a string of summer music & talk shows you’ll find fascinating. Hear for yourself starting Monday, June 17th when we unveil the future-our new program schedule. And check under those couch cushions for your keys…sorry about the cat.